Real Hunting:Beagle Killed By Wolves

Once again, Political Law trumps Constitutional Rights and Personal Liberty.

A good rabbit dog is a valuable companion.

Yet, even as the wolf population has rebounded to the point of insouciance in the presence of an armed hunting party

Wolves remain protected under the Endangered Species Act regardless of the cost of their depredation.

So, We, The Hunters, must pay the freight for societal delusions.


Sad Excerpt:

“I yelled to my brother that there’s something wrong, and I took off. And by the time I got through the brush and up into the clearing, I seen the wolf tracks, and I thought…I knew in my heart that they had killed her already,” explains Dan.

It’s a case of man’s best friend in the wrong place at the wrong time. The attack happened about 10 miles east of Shingleton, just west of Walsh Grade Road. Dan saw the wolf tracks, but by the time he found Lilo, the wolves were gone.

“I would have shot them. I would have shot every one of them I would have seen. That’s just the way I feel. That’s the way I feel right now too,” says Dan.

According to Michigan law, if you see a gray wolf attacking a pet, livestock, etc., you can kill it. But there’s a Federal law in place that trumps that. The gray wolf is an endangered species. You can’t touch him.

“The bottom line here is the Department of Natural Resources is just as frustrated as many of your viewers when it comes to the control of wolves. We do not have the authority. They are on the United States Federal Endangered Species List. It is under the control of the US Fish and Wildlife Service as far as control of wolves. Period,” explains Stacy Welling, UP Field Deputy for the DNR.

“I had three rabbits in my back pouch. What’s to say if I would have had my grandson when he gets older and he was carrying the rabbits for me…what’s to say that they wouldn’t have went after him because he’s in their territory?”

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6 responses to “Real Hunting:Beagle Killed By Wolves

  1. The hunters should have known better to hunt large animals with something as small and niave as the Beagle. I think amuteurs like these should be restricted from having any animal again, anyone with common sense knows better than to hunt large game (expsecially carnivorous animals) with such sweet dogs.

    • Boy are u a (redacted) (dummy)! Beagles don’t hunt wolves they hunt rabbits, that’s what they were breed to do. The wolves attacked the dog and killed her. I would have shot the wolves to. Anyone so naive and ignorant shouldn’t be allowed to post a comment! IDIOT!

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