Rufus Hussey… The Beanshooter Man (Slingshot Guru)


Beanshooters (slingshots)….how to make them, how to use them, why they are still important.

I have my authentic Rufus Hussey Beanshooter Serial Number 9xxx. For the full story go to link here:


Excerpt here:

Rufus Hussey was raised south of Seagrove, NC on a two-horse farm with ten brothers and sisters. Having lost his father at an early age, and with the only gun being carried by the oldest brother, Rufus and the other boys grew-up shooting beanshooters. He was making his own by the age of ten and soon developed a keen-eye for hitting his target.

In his later years Rufus became quite famous shooting his beanshooter to the amazement of country and city-folk alike. He appeared on many TV shows where he demonstrated his skill. One TV host asked… “Rufus, I understand you can knock a quarter out of the air with that thing! Is that right?” Rufus responded… “I can hit a penny…. but when it gets that cheap, it’s time to quit!”

Rufus hit the big-time when he was invited to appear on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. After a bit of small-talk, Johnny asked, ” I understand you’re going to demonstrate your skill… is that right?” Rufus replied, “Sure! I’d rather shoot the beanshooter than shoot the bull.” Soon Rufus was shooting a corncob from Johnny’s hand.

A few months later brought a call from Charles Kuralt. He wanted to come down to the farm and interview Rufus for one of his On The Road segments. Rufus put on a real show shooting targets of all types. The segment ended with him breaking a corncob from Charle’s hand.

36 responses to “Rufus Hussey… The Beanshooter Man (Slingshot Guru)

  1. I suspect many slingshots went the way of the landfill when Mom cleaned out Juniors Comic Book and Other Junk Collection.

    He did number them, so the ones in existence should be reasonably identifiable.

  2. WOW i watched a video as Mr. hussey was shooting his (bean shooter) just amazing is all i have to say. I bought a daisy slingshot dang i suck. If i am lucky maybe one day i will be half as good as mr. hussey.

  3. This man is my kind of guy, I’d like to be a neighbor of his. Let me know if I could also buy one of his bean shooters, I’d be proud.

  4. Everyone wants to buy one but that isn’t what he was about. He wanted to keep alive a dying art. Why don’t all of you keep alive a dying art and try making one yourselves. There are directions on-line, and they’re easy to make. You can order the rubber through McMaster-Carr, one sheet is about $10. Then just listen to the videos and give it a go. Like I said they’re easy to make, but very hard to get right. Make one or two and you’ll have an appreciation of what Rufus did and what it was he was really trying to preserve. Save your money buying the rubber, and give yourself a new skill for free.

  5. Rufus is absolutely awesome with his slingshot! I saw the video of him shooting a quarter out of the air, among many other things and it’s mind-boggling. I agree with “anonymous” in that it would be great if people tried making them themselves, especially helping kids make them. Kids nowadays are so focused on technology that some of them don’t have a clue as to how to entertain themselves with something as simple as a slingshot, nor realize that they could become as amazingly accurate with it as Rufus, if only they practiced as much as he did.

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