The Role Of The Shotgun-Gabe Suarez

You gotta love a guy who talks sense about self defense like Gabe Suarez over at Suarez International.

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The Role Of The Shotgun

Let me begin by saying that I have used shotguns against live fighting adversaries several times. Moreover, I received the classic training in this weapon at the academy which birthed the “modern technique” of the shotgun.

Training and reality sometimes conflict. While the so-called “modern school” of the shotgun seeks to equip the weapon like a rifle (sights and slugs, and choking), and promote its theoretical versatility due to ammunition types available, these notions are foolish. I will show you why…………..

Any attempt to make a shotgun do the rifle’s job makes for a poor rifle and a useless shotgun. Even the poorest rifleman can outshoot the best shotgunner in a rifle problem, and any off the rack shotgun can match the “modern technique” shotgun for true close range shotgun problems. So again…what is the point? ………………..

For those with access to rifles, there is no need to so modify the shotgun trying to build a rifle. Doing so is akin to putting a Ferrari body on a Unimog chassis…………………..

3 responses to “The Role Of The Shotgun-Gabe Suarez

  1. Everyone must make their own decision about how they will respond to imminent attack. The primary tool is always your mind, everything else is just an accessory, lethal or non-lethal.

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