French Military Demonstrate Muzzle Control and Marksmanship

Just think this was a practice exercise. What would have happened if it had been a real hostage situation?

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Tantalizing excerpt:
A military shooting demonstration in southeast France on Sunday left 16 people wounded, including children, when real bullets were used instead of blank ones, officials said.

Four of the wounded were in serious condition, including a 3-year-old child, Bernard Lemaire, chief of the regional administration in Aude, said on France-3 television. Fifteen of the injured were civilians.

A Defense Ministry official said the incident occurred during a demonstration of hostage-freeing techniques at the Laperrine military barracks. The official said investigators will look into why real bullets were used.

University of Berserkley at Chapel Hill (NC) Murder Update

Everyone knows the University of Berserkley at Chapel Hill solved this problem years ago. Guns are banned in Chapel Hill so those kids who drove the young Miss Carson around with guns in the car broke the law.

Did someone forget to explain to them what it means to break gun control laws?

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Tantalizing excerpt:

One warrant says a confidential source told police that Atwater said he and Lovette entered Carson’s home through an open door..Then they forced the young woman into her car…. And headed to an ATM machine, where they allegedly made Carson give up her PIN number to withdraw money from her bank account…Police believe the suspects stole 14 hundred dollars over two days.

Lead From the Front-LTC Allen B. West-Congressional Candidate

There are good candidates who seek to serve in the US Congress. Listen well to this one. We are honored to be graced by his presence.

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Tantalizing excerpt:

My friends, I have just read the most disturbing words from someone purporting to be an American Congressman, Alcee Hastings, an impeached federal judge. His words, regarding the soaring price of gasoline, “There ain’t no answer, OK? … All the talk is feel good talk”, are the most pathetic and abyssmal response I have heard. Perhaps I can offer Congressman Hastings and his cohorts a lesson from American history.

On the second day at Gettysburg, a young professor of rhetoric from Bowdoin College in Maine, LTC Joshua Chamberlain, was told he was the end of the Union line along Seminary Ridge. He was given a position at a place called Little Round Top. That day Chamberlain and his Maine Men took repeated attacks from the Confederate forces on that hot July day. Chamberlain’s 20th Maine Regiment eventually ran out of ammunition, and as the Confederates prepared for another charge up Little Round Top, Chamberlain gave a simple order, “Bayonets!”

Can you imagine Alcee Hastings at Little Round Top? “We aint got no bullets and there ain’t nothin we can do,?” and the salvation of our Union would have taken a different course.

So it begins…Wilmette suspends it’s gun ban

WILMETTE, Ill. — Wilmette has suspended enforcement of its 19-year-old ordinance banning handgun possession in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that appears to invalidate such bans.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

“The Law Department and the Police Department have suspended enforcement of the ordinance pending further review by the Village Board,” Wilmette village attorney Tim Frenzer said Thursday. “Based on the decision today, at a minimum it calls into serious question the continued viability of the ordinance.”

Frenzer said questions remain about how directly the court’s decision will impact local gun laws in Wilmette and other parts of the country. Washington is not a state, and each state has its own legal language governing the right to bear arms.

“Gun Ownership a Capital Idea” -before Heller came Parker

In all the hub-bub of today’s Heller decision we forget the other ordinary people who put the DC gun control laws into the crosshairs of the Supreme Court.

One story to help us remember:

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

Gun Ownership a Capital Idea

by Deneen Borelli

For years, Shelly Parker faced intimidation and harassment from the drug dealers and gang-bangers who roamed her neighborhood. Already frustrated because the police never did enough to make her feel truly safe, she was further dismayed by the fact that she could not own a gun to protect herself.

Parker is a resident of Washington, D.C., where gun ownership has been a crime.

Unwilling to just give up, Parker’s tenacity resulted in action that may mean Washingtonians can exercise their constitutional right to own a gun for the first time in over 30 years.

In 2003, Parker and five other D.C. residents filed suit for the right to defend themselves by having serviceable guns in their homes. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled in their favor in March, saying that “the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms.” Unsuprisingly, the city’s attorneys are appealing the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court, where a final ruling in Parker v. District of Columbia could have profound national implications on statist government regulations that degrade citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Since 1976, the ownership of almost all firearms has been illegal in America’s capital city. The first offense for handgun possession is a misdemeanor charge carrying a penalty of imprisonment for up to one year and a $1,000 fine. A second offense is a felony that could lead to up to five years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Trapped between the street thugs and a government opposed to individual rights, Parker was essentially in a no-win situation: illegally own a gun and face possible prosecution or risk being a victim.

Even before they were completely banned, the District of Columbia’s open hostility toward the Second Amendment was evident. For example, registered handguns prior to 1976 were not allowed to be carried from one room to another within the same home unless the gun owner had a license for each room. Shotguns or rifles had to be unloaded and either unassembled or trigger-locked.

Ersatz RKBA. Comments on the NSSF Kerfuffle.

The last few days the people who go to conventions, the SHOT Show, appear on TV and speak on radio have gotten into a food fight over the NSSF’s recommendations from a Research Firm about how to gain public trust for RKBA.

According to focus group research some firearms are more equal than others. Pistols,in particular, are children of a lesser god.

Michael Bane has some lengthy comments on his blog.

Those of us who have gone where no celebrities or cameras or big shots can be found have long been aware this society is top heavy with gungrabbers.

No matter how many members of a police or Sheriff’s Department support RKBA, the top administrators and policy makers are almost always gungrabbers.

No matter how many County Commissioners or City Council Members or Wildlife Commission Directors support RKBA, the City Manager or the Executive Director or the research staff are almost always gun grabbers or in a pinch, lean toward “sensible gun control” regulations.

And of course the NRA is on record since the 1930s with their version of gungrabbing in their role as America’s Oldest Gun Control Institution

So why the surprise with NSSF? Has everyone forgotten the CHILDSAFE Ad Campaign from 2004 funded and supported by NSSF?

Can anyone recall the specifics of ChildSafe and Project SafeNeighborhood?

Let me help you out. 5 MILLION Dollars(last I checked, it has probably increased by now) of YOUR TAX MONEY fund a guy and a van to drive into YOUR CITY and park IN YOUR Walmart Parking lot and advertise to all and sundry that any RKBAian who does not try to ruin his/her weapon with some inane bicycle cable lock is an evil danger to society and him or herself.

George Bush (the good Republican) loved this program when he was Governor of Texas and he loved it even more when he became President.

As a result behold the NSSF in a full page ad in your favorite gun magazine using your tax dollars to tell you how to live your life.

It matters not what Mary Carpenter thinks about Child Safety programs, for example. Most people do not have the intestinal fortitude to sit through 10 minutes of her testimony even if it is broken up into two parts so they can take a breather between indictments. Like a train wreck it is easier to avert eyes and pretend the inevitable will not occur.

Here, see if you are one of the few strong enough to endure ten minutes in two parts here and here.

And you can dingdongdarnwell bet Doug Koenig does not abuse any of his raceguns with some idiotic cable lock and risk ruining the alignment of the slide or dinging the magazine well.

Yet, behold, again, Mr Koenig instruct the ignorami amongst the unwashed masses how to acquire, possess, transport and deploy their personal weapons with a child who looks NOTHING like the children who die of gunshot wounds in crackhouses and neighborhoods filled with drug dealers and gang violence.

As much as I enjoy a good food fight amongst the elite it is simple reality things will not change until We, The Peasants ask ourselves and each other:”How did the people who “run things” get to where they got and why can we just not fire them and find replacements who actually believe in RKBA?”

I will believe in change when I see it.

Go ahead:Arrest me….First they came for the Christians

Okay, maybe you do not like this woman’s ideas. Maybe they are extreme or unpopular or even offensive, but just remember, if the State has the right to ban her free expression of her beliefs banning your beliefs may not be all that far behind. Children in public school have already been punished for drawings and pictures of pistols, rifles and talk about hunting and recreational target practice .

If you believe in RKBA, we all may some day meet in the re-education camps of Gulag America.

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Tantalizing excerpt:
Censorship. Book burning. The Criminalization of Christianity. It’s here and it’s now the law in the state of Colorado.

I predicted it three years ago. And a lot of people said I was crazy. But my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity,” subtitle: “Read this Before it Becomes Illegal” just became … illegal. And it’s no longer just in Sweden, Europe, and Canada; it’s right here in what used to be known as the “land of the free.”

A week from today I’m flying to Denver and attending a press conference with Colorado pastors and state leaders to … break the law. We are handing out my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity,” and waiting for arrest. It may be that next week’s column will be written from a jail cell. I tend to think that would be a stupid move on the government’s part. I predict they will lay low and peg off the less vocal types first. Wait for the cement in the law to become solid before chaining it to the feet of Christians who dare speak out.

You see, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed into law SB 200 and turned public restrooms and locker rooms into a predator paradise where men can enter (and shower in) any female public facility in the state. You’d think that would be as bad as it gets – but wait: Section 8 of that same bill claims to trump the First Amendment:

Section 8. 24-34-701. Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden. No person, being the owner, lessee, proprietor, manager, superintendent, agent, or employee of any place of public accommodation … shall publish, issue, circulate, send, distribute, give away, or display in any way, manner, or shape or by any means or method, except as provided in this section, any communication, paper, poster, folder, manuscript, book, pamphlet, writing, print, letter, notice, or advertisement of any kind, nature, or description that is intended or calculated to discriminate or actually discriminates against … SEXUAL ORIENTATION, marital status … in the matter of furnishing or neglecting or refusing to furnish to them or any one of them any lodging, housing, schooling, or tuition or any accommodation, right [marriage], privilege [adoption], advantage, or convenience … on account of … SEXUAL ORIENTATION, marital status … [which] is unwelcome or objectionable or not acceptable, desired, or solicited.
Forget the public library display of “banned books week” – its “banned books week” all year round in the entire state of Colorado – if those books, paper, posters, folders, manuscripts, pamphlet, writing, print, letter, notice, advertisement, or crayon drawing is said to be calculated, intended, or thought to discriminate against homosexual behavior, or the agenda to rewrite marriage and adoption laws.

Speaking of Machineguns

Some of you may remember the BATFE classified a shoestring as a machinegun a few years back subject to regulation under the NFA.

Maybe they have not had time to regulate rubber bands (yet).

The boys at Poor Man’s Machinegun explain it all to you.

Akins Accelerator Back in the News

For those of you who do not remember, Bill Akins designed a replacement stock for the Ruger 10/22, had it vetted and approved by the BATFE, went into production and then for reasons unknown the BATFE went bananas and told him and his customers to pound sand. No compensation, truly bad interpretation of existing law and just general lunacy all around.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

“While the ATF might not like it, they’re stuck with the laws that Congress passed,” he said. “They have no policy-making authority outside of the boundaries of the laws.”

Akins, 55, said the issue boils down to fairness.

“They arbitrarily changed their mind and didn’t offer any compensation,” he said.

ATF officials wouldn’t comment on the pending litigation, but a spokesman said the agency stands behind the decision to outlaw the Accelerator.

Drew Wade said the ATF initially approved the device after test-firing a prototype Akins sent the agency in 2003. He said the prototype malfunctioned when it was tested and analyzed by a senior technician from the ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch.

But the agency approved the Accelerator anyway, saying in a letter it did not meet the criteria for a machine gun and, as a concept, was allowable under federal law.

“FTB has concluded that your submitted device is not designed and intended for use in converting a weapon into a machine gun,” ATF officials wrote in an August 2005 letter.

Wade said the agency reversed its position after someone who bought a fully functioning Accelerator requested another test-firing. This time, it worked.

Shortly after, federal regulators issued a new ruling, concluding the Akins Accelerator was a machine gun prohibited under the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Besides mailing in all recoil springs in stock and his customer list, the agency demanded that Akins send an affidavit to each customer to account for all of the devices sold. The recipients had to sign the document and return it to the ATF with the removed springs.

Wade wouldn’t comment on the rationale for the ATF’s reversal of its ruling.

The Accelerators, made of injection-molded plastic, sold for about $1,000 each. They came with tools and instructions on how to attach the device to a semiautomatic rifle.

Similar to a Hellfire, which attaches to the trigger guard and has been on the market for decades, the Accelerator was based on the target-shooting practice of bump firing.

Once the trigger is pulled, the Accelerator’s spring mechanism takes over, and the trigger reciprocates at high speed, using recoil resistance to imitate automatic fire. Most of the devices were made for a Ruger 10/22, but Akins intended to make them for other rifles, too.