San Fran Police Chief Skips Target Practice

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Remember folks, according to the Bolsheviks-in-Charge only Police and Military can be trusted with firearms.


San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong acknowledged that she has gone years without taking the target practice required for officers who carry guns.

Department rules require all police officers who carry guns to pass shooting range tests every six months. Fong said in a statement this week that “the duties of a police chief are demanding and time-consuming. I acknowledge that I have not scheduled time for firearms re-qualifications.

The issue of Fong’s proficiency with a gun was raised last week by Officer Andrew Cohen. He wrote to Police Commission President Theresa Sparks that the chief had gone five years without being certified, which he called “an egregious matter of misconduct.”

“I know the chief is busy, and an occasional lapse or non-appearance may be justified,” Cohen wrote. “However, 10 consecutive failures to qualify are simply outrageous and insulting to all the men and women of the department.”

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