RKBA gains ground at University Of Berserkley-Chapel Hill Branch (NC)

In North Carolina, the University of Chapel Hill is arguably the University of Berserkley East. But even students there chafe at their status as goldfish in a barrel awaiting the attack of a predator de jure.

A report from our friends over at Human Events:

Complete Link:


Now a senior at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Springthorpe continues to shoot for sport as president of the Tar Heel Rifle and Pistol Club (THRPC). For college students to participate in a gun club – or even work on their own to start one – seems almost an anachronism, antithetical to the political correctness of the academic world.

But, as HUMAN EVENTS found, it’s a lot more common than most of the academic world would have us believe for one reason: students value their Second Amendment rights and are willing to work to protect them.

Although he enjoys taking the Mauser 98 rifle he custom built with his dad to the local range for a good time with friends, Springthorpe takes more pride in defending the principles of the Second Amendment every time he takes aim.

“Just as college students learn about the importance of free expression and the right to a fair trial, I believe they should have equal access to an education concerning the right to self-defense,” said Springthorpe, a physics major. “Though the use of force is always unfortunate and, I feel, should be avoided if at all possible, the Second Amendment ensures that the last and, perhaps most vital, line of defense remains.”

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