Own a gun? You must be CRAZY! North Carolina new USSR

You will not meet many people who say the “Iron Curtain did not fall, it was lowered  because the incubation was complete and the time had come to release the virus of
Communism into the rest of the world” Nevertheless, I  proudly number myself  in that tiny minority.

One example of how viral Communist ideas have spread into the formerly free world after the Iron Curtain was lowered  is the misuse of mental illness to advance a political agenda.

In the glorious worker’s paradise of the USSR it was a given if you did not believe in Communism you were by definition crazy and once guilty of that sin you were pretty  much guilty of everything else and could be assigned to the Gulag of the Communist  Kakistocracy’s choice.

Roll foward to 21st Century America and watch the vicious under-the-radar battles  fought all over the country where  the misuse of mental illness to deny RKBA to the  largest possible population proceeds unnoticed and unabated.

Read the latest alert from North Carolina where the chief Law Enforcement Officer-  the Attorney General-seeks to make criminals out of otherwise ordinary citizens.

From Grass Roots North Carolina:

Grass Roots North Carolina(r), P.O. Box 10684, Raleigh, NC 27605
919-664-8565, www.grnc.org, GRNC Alert Hotline: (919) 562-4137
Complete link:



GRNC Alert 6-16-08:

Attorney General Touts 80,000 Barred From Buying Guns

Despite assertions from GRNC(r) and others that serious flaws reside in the
bill, SB 2081 passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee late last week
in a 5-4 vote. The bill now heads for the Senate Committee on
Appropriations/Base Budget.

Standing before the committee to defend his bill was none other than NC
Attorney General ROY COOPER (D, GRNC 0-star). If you wonder what he is
after, consider his statement that in 2006, Virginia began reporting not
only people committed to mental health facilities, but also those remanded
by courts to OUTPATIENT care. Said Cooper, in 2006 North Carolina reported
(and therefore barred from owning guns) “only” 440 names to the National
Instant Check System. Meanwhile, by adding outpatients, Virginia


That’s right: 80,000 PEOPLE BARRED FROM BUYING GUNS, and that is FROM 
JUST ONE STATE. And given that Virginia’s population is smaller than North
Carolina’s, under Cooper’s scheme an even greater number could find
themselves saddled with a “firearms disability” under federal law.


And on what pretense does Attorney General Cooper base his attempt to trap
tens of thousands? On a May 9, 2007 letter issued by the BATFE to state
attorneys general in which the agency claims: “adjudication that a person
was mentally ill AND A DANGER TO HIMSELF OR OTHERS would result in a 
Federal firearms disability, WHETHER THE COURT-ORDERED TREATMENT 

There is just one little hitch Cooper doesn’t want you to know about: In
North Carolina, people remanded to OUTPATIENT treatment are by statutory
definition NOT DANGEROUS. Specifically, NC General Statute 122C-263(d)(1)
permits commitment to OUTPATIENT treatment only for people “capable of
surviving safely in the community…” By contrast, under NCGS
122C-263(d)(2), DANGEROUS people must be committed to INPATIENT treatment 
in a mental health facility.*

Equally disingenuous is an admonition from the AG’s office to “See also U.S.
v. B.H., 466 F.Supp.2d 1139 (2006).” This case law – from an obscure court
in Iowa, meaning it is NOT binding precedent in North Carolina – tortures
the English language by lumping OUTPATIENT treatment into the federal
stipulation that those “committed to a mental institution” be barred from
owning guns. Apparently, for both the Iowa court and Roy Cooper, English is
a second language.


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