You Bet They Shoot Feral Horses, Good Thing Too!

I do not know how I missed this story.

Now if we could get the tree huggers in this country to come to their senses we would be good to go as well.


Complete link:,23599,23657106-1248,00.html#

Tantalizing excerpt:

Carnarvon Gorge’s wild horses to be culled


By Brian Williams


May 07, 2008 03:17am

A SECOND cull of feral horses at Queensland’s Carnarvon Gorge National Park will start today with 4000 to 6000 to be shot.


About 4000 were shot in August last year after they over-ran the park.



The high numbers of horses were destroying freshwater springs, causing erosion,damaging Aboriginal cultural sites and destroying habitat for native creatures, Sustainability Minister Andrew McNamara said yesterday.

So he had no choice but to order the shoot to go ahead.


Mr McNamara said he was committed to cutting the impact of feral animals in all parks, including wild dogs, goats and pigs.


“The RSPCA is on board the same as last time,” Mr McNamara said.



While some people had romantic notions about brumbies, in reality they did enormous damage to parks and surrounding properties, he said.


“These animals are shockers. The Government has got to keep going on this,” Mr Boyland said.


“Parks are acquired to protect native flora and fauna and these animals destroy it.”




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