Lead From the Front-LTC Allen B. West-Congressional Candidate

There are good candidates who seek to serve in the US Congress. Listen well to this one. We are honored to be graced by his presence.

Complete link:


Tantalizing excerpt:

My friends, I have just read the most disturbing words from someone purporting to be an American Congressman, Alcee Hastings, an impeached federal judge. His words, regarding the soaring price of gasoline, “There ain’t no answer, OK? … All the talk is feel good talk”, are the most pathetic and abyssmal response I have heard. Perhaps I can offer Congressman Hastings and his cohorts a lesson from American history.

On the second day at Gettysburg, a young professor of rhetoric from Bowdoin College in Maine, LTC Joshua Chamberlain, was told he was the end of the Union line along Seminary Ridge. He was given a position at a place called Little Round Top. That day Chamberlain and his Maine Men took repeated attacks from the Confederate forces on that hot July day. Chamberlain’s 20th Maine Regiment eventually ran out of ammunition, and as the Confederates prepared for another charge up Little Round Top, Chamberlain gave a simple order, “Bayonets!”

Can you imagine Alcee Hastings at Little Round Top? “We aint got no bullets and there ain’t nothin we can do,?” and the salvation of our Union would have taken a different course.


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