Joe Horn Cleared of all charges by grand jury!

A classic case of justified RKBA! From the wayback files!

Joe Horn, 62, who caught two goblins in the act of burglarizing his neighbor’s house and terrorizing his neighborhood, was cleared today of all charges by a grand jury after nearly eight months of media torture and unfounded attacks on his character and actions. Thank you Mr. Horn for your service to our country!

Complete link here (which includes one of those dreaded Brightcove Videos) and a slide show of JPEGS.

Tantalizing excerpt:

The shooting of two burglary suspects has sparked heated debate about property rights, gun control and other issues.

A Harris County grand jury decided today that Joe Horn should not be charged with a crime for shooting two burglary suspects he confronted outside his neighbor’s home in Pasadena last fall.

The decision to clear Horn of wrongdoing came two weeks after the grand jury began considering evidence in the case, including Horn’s testimony last week.

Horn, a 62-year-old retiree, became the focus of an intense public debate after the Nov. 14 shootings. Many supporters praised him as a hero for using deadly force to protect property, while others dismissed him as a killer who should have heeded a 911 operator’s instructions to stay in his house and wait for police.


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