Sierra Times Classic- The Whack & Stack White Paper

Yes, I FOUND it! The Sierra Times Whack & Stack White Paper by publisher and editor JJ Johnson.

Just as relevant today as it was when written seven years ago.

Complete Link:

Update May 3, 2009. Here are archives of the Whack & Stack Incidents documented by Sierra Times:*/

Tantalizing excerpt:

The Whack’em & Stack’em White Paper
News Analysis by J.J. Johnson
Sierra Times 08.23.01

Since publishing yesterday’s Whack’em& Stack’em, Sierra Times has received many inquiries from folks, some wanting to know, “exactly what IS a Whack’em & Stack’em?”

Let us explain.

This is a term created here at Sierra Times to identify the ‘always justifiable’ law enforcement homicide, or fatal police shooting. The “whack” means to “kill”, and the “stack” means to just keep counting the bodies, and thanking the Good Lord that even though more people die in the country each year via cop bullets than in Russia, we can sleep easy knowing there is always a “good reason” for killing someone.

What we find so fascinating about this lethal art is the methods the justifications for whack & stacks are laid out to the public, and how. Of course, there is always a good reason, including the generic, “the officer(s) thought his/their life was in danger”. We have learned that this usually works as a catch all when ever a whack & stack is reported. In this whack & stack White Paper, we will use one of our most recent stories, and show you some things to look out for whenever there is a whack & stack in your neck of the woods. (Article in red; our analysis in black)

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

The Complete Column in Pictures:











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