New Hampshire Open Carry Part III

Apparently the ingrained culture of Police in Manchester has been biased against open carry for some time.

Here is an incident from 2004 posted on Free

Complete link:
Tantalizing excerpt:

Once my record came back clear, naturally, I was subjected to a condescending lecture about the carrying of arms, quizzed repeatedly as to why I carry a firearm.

I replied “to protect myself and my family,”[1] which yielded a number of derisive comments about the effectiveness of firearms in self-defense and defense of others – hmm, why do cops carry them, I wonder? “We have to,” one of the detectives whined. They also lectured on liability issues, terrorism, and other such topics.

I informed them that I am trained, having completed the Lethal Force Institute’s Judicious Use of Deadly Force course, as well as handgun licensing requirements in California and for a Utah Concealed Carry license.

After about 5-10 minutes of my polite endurance of various disrespectful and arrogant statements and questions by the officers and detectives, my firearm was returned to me, and I reloaded it and placed it back on my belt, this time tucked under my shirt. Upon completing a contact card with one of the officers, at his vehicle, I retrieved my coat, and returned to the store to find my wife.

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE


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