Tannerite Back In The News

In the war on poverty, war on drugs, war on radio controlled airplanes, war on just about everything Bolsheviks do not like or think appropriate Tannerite periodically surfaces as a topic de jour- as it did here.

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Tantalizing excerpt:

EUGENE, Ore. – Fire officials came up with an explosive find Thursday – a cache of illegal fireworks.

The bust is the fire marshall’s first of the season.

In all, they confiscated 19 cases of fireworks weighing 300 pounds.

The fireworks were addressed to Tannerite Explosives.

Daniel Tanner had this to say on Subguns.com:

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Posted By: Daniel@Tannerite
Date: 7/7/08 17:57

1. The items stolen were not fireworks. They were incomplete modules without fuses. They are not even the same class, and do not have the same United Nations numbers.
2. It was a conspiracy between Wester/Conway trucking (Western’s trucking company) the OSFM and they used the pawn Doug Perry (who knew, or should have known what was going on)
3. I was never arrested. In fact, I was never contacted and still have not been contacted…and my lawyers couldn’t reach anyone in the OSFM or locate the product.
4. I filed a theft report when I saw it on the news for the first time. By law, I’m required to file a federal report whenever explosives are stolen or lost.
5. The Fire authorities are now saying that none of them were responsible and “had no clue what was going on”….the missing cases are at large, including the six cases that Eugene PD claimed they were keeping to “Show off”. We do know that a representative of the OSFM was caught trying to force the shipper to “Fill out a bill of lading to ship them back to his” out of state REAL FAST so that they could avoid being nailed criminally…or at least minimize the charges.

Did my sales suffer this year? Hell yes. The problem is proving the damages. A lot of folks won’t say that they didn’t buy because of the news release of the illegal theft that was used as a tool to slam my company, but a lot of folks HAVE come forward and signed affidavits to the fact that they chose not to make purchases from Tannerite because of the story. The more of these, the better, as each letter accounts for thousands of would-be customers. It appears as though I have them by the balls, and have four law firms on it….and I’m squeezing hard.
Luckily, I was able to have 3 other shipments of the modules delivered to me without incident so I could fulfill most of my contracts. I lost the others, due to the amount of time it took to get them re-shipped and built, and shipped out.
Damn these people. Damn them to hell. This is the kind of shit I’ve been dealing with for 20 years and this time I’m taking it ALL THE WAY. Hell, I’ve had guys from the East Coast who didn’t buy from me this 4th because they saw that false and slanderous news article on the net and thought that we were involved with “illegal activity”
As the Bible says, “Do not revel in your enemies downfall” so I’ll try to remain humble, while ripping them a new asshole.
Any help is appreciated. Anyone with the balls to type out an affidavit would help substantially.
Daniel J. Tanner/
36366 Valley Rd
Pleasant Hill OR 97455


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