Home Invasion in Texas Gun Free Zone

These boys were not kidding around. Anyone who thinks Joe Horn acted precipitously should meditate on this Texas tale of mischief and mayhem. The goblins broke into an locked occupied house in broad daylight with shotguns. This family was lucky to escape with their lives.

Complete link:

 Tantalizing excerpt:
ARLINGTON — Two gunmen who forced their way into a southeast Arlington home Tuesday afternoon “blasted through the back door” with shotguns, tied up a couple and their adult son and took the woman’s jewelry, a 911 audio recording says.

The female victim, who has asked Tuesday that her name not be used because the suspects are still at large, told the 911 dispatcher that the home invasion about 1 p.m. Tuesday was “unreal.”

She said she was sitting reading in her home in the 500 block of Lemon Drive, her son was on the computer and her husband was getting ready for work when the suspects fired into her back door.

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