Trees Are Evil; They Deserve To Die

RKBA types are a funny lot. Many take their tactical responsibilities very seriously. They practice in shooting competitions, attend training classes, learn force-on-force techniques, are generally alert to threat within the envelope of armed self defense.

But in every area of life outside this self defense envelope they remain thoroughly in touch and simpatico with their inner Bolshevik completely oblivious to mortal threat around them.

No where is this attitude more evident than when the topic is trees.

We are arguably one of the few if not the only generation who routinely spend large parts of their waking and sleeping lives in houses directly under sixty, ninety and even one hundred and twenty foot trees whose aggregate weight is easily in excess of twenty to thirty tons.

Why do we do this? Why do we put our wives and children and fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters under these obviously dangerous Swords of Damocles?

Because the Bolsheviks-in-charge have told us to worship trees and treat any thought of harm to them as taboo. And no one, not insurance companies, not our civic leaders, not even our tactical self defense gurus dare challenge these societal notions of tree worship.

Even as these trees grow taller, and older, more likely to topple, and more unwieldy and expensive to prune or remove, we collectively genuflect to them because of the shade they provide or the oxygen they produce or some other inane article of Bolshevik idolatry.

Is it necessary to state the obvious?

*******THIS IS INSANE.*********

If you pride yourself on your ability to defend your loved ones against all enemies foreign and domestic and have two, five, ten, or twenty malignantly large trees within striking distance of your bedroom or bathroom or dining room, kitchen or family room you may just need to rethink your self defense plan.

If even a routine thunderstorm with straight line winds can crush your house with one or two elderly diseased behemoth trees, you might need to review your overall protection strategy.

Be sure to read Nine Myths of Forest Fires while you are here:

Complete link:

Tactical awareness, it is more than a state of mind; it is a way of life.


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