Forest Fire Myths (Part III-Another view)

Forestry for Dummies, pretty much says it all.

The kakistocrats, the dunderheads among us are destroying the planet with their environmental wacko, tree hugging idolatry.

Complete link:

Tantalizing excerpt:

Greens have conspired to make it illegal, difficult, and unprofitable to harvest timber from our national forests,although the law that established them made provision for that.

The Greens interference resulted in “an unnatural accumulation of forest fuels.” Note the word “unnatural.” Gruell wrote that, “Nevada’s forests have experienced massive increases in tree cover resulting from human activities, particularly the suppression of natural fires.” And here’s the kicker! “As a wildlife biologist, I know a large body of evidence strongly suggests that increasingly dense forests are detrimental to wildlife, including numerous songbirds, and mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, and deer.”

One response to “Forest Fire Myths (Part III-Another view)

    The forest fires is a problematic social and environmental… FEODROP is the answer to solve the problem. FEODROP is a complimentary system easily adaptable to any types of helicopters (civil and military). This system has been specifically designed to allow for a precise application of fire retardants (foam, gel, as well as long-term), despite heavy winds. The main purpose is to apply the product with precision on houses to protect them from thermal radiation – WITHOUT ANY DAMAGES!
    For more information:
    By Claude REY Montréal

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