SWAT Team Gone Wild (Part ….Whatever-Minneapolis Division )

Minneapolis SWAT Team honored for raiding wrong house. This was a pretty big story the end of  July in the Blogosphere, but this is the best video summary I have seen on Youtube.

Special Note: Prepare to repel boarders with slug loaded shotgun or better-180 grain .308 cartridge deer rifle.

They ALWAYS Shoot the Dog! Even Their OWN!

Good news. The death was accidental.  Unlike Berwyn, Maryland where the Police chased a pup into the Mayor’s kitchen and shot him (the pup) as he ran away.

There has got to be more to these stories. There cannot be as many dog shootings by as many different jurisdictions without some common training or psychological profile element at work.

If you can shoot a family pet, you might just qualify to be in Law Enforcement?

Tantalizing Excerpt:

A Scottsdale police dog was shot and killed by his handler on Friday, but police say they think the death was accidental.

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China’s Porcelain Facade


Great first hand report about the Olympics from Mark Alexander over at Enterstageright.com. Did you know there was a phony office building in the middle of downtown? Not a peep from the muddlestream media of which I am aware.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:
Having just returned from Beijing, where I was the guest with a corporate association, it was a bit disconcerting to watch NBC’s glossy coverage of the Olympic games, and China in general, and to endure the echo NBC’s coverage is receiving through other media outlets. The network dared not venture off the reservation, and its coverage offered no observation on the obfuscation outside the Olympic village.

Of course, it’s the Year of the Rat.

In Beijing, amid the very real modern architecture, there is a modern marvel of an office building which occupies an entire city block. Upon closer inspection, however, it is actually nothing more than a very large frame covered by enormous sheets of vinyl on which had been printed features that might be on a modern building. From major thoroughfares, that building blocks a sea of dilapidated Soviet-era apartment buildings. The vinyl screen even featured two businessmen looking out a window, perhaps speculating on whether the wind would blow them away.

The New Brown Shirts; Same As The Old Brown Shirts

Repeat after me: the Iron Curtain never FELL, it was LOWERED after a proper incubation period was complete and the contagion of Communism was ready for release into the larger world.

England now has a scheme to give Police Powers to the extended “Police Family”, ie certain select civilians or employees of private firms. 

Sounds suspicously like the registered Communist Party Members who rode herd in Mother Russia under Stalin or yes, even Hilter’s Brownshirts who helped bring him to power. 

And , of course,  let us not forget Robert Mugabee or even Obama’s proposed Civilian National Security Force. (Link Here:Card Carrying Bolshevik on every corner)

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Tales From Gun (And Knife?) Free England

There will always be guns. This guy was just dumber than most.  But bright enough to do the job. You have heard it before: when weapons are outlawed only outlaws will have weapons.

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A man has been found guilty of turning replica guns into live weapons linked to more than 50 shootings.

Denver: No Charges In Obama Assassination Plot

Just a bunch of crackheads with big mouths. Not exactly your typical Evil NRA Types out to rule the world.  Go figure. Much weeping and wailing in Bolshevik Headquarters tonight.


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Tantalizing Excerpt:

Police in the US say there is “insufficient evidence” to charge three men who were allegedly planning to assassinate Barack Obama.

The men were arrested in Denver, Colorado, in connection with drugs and weapons offences.

Sky News political editor Adam Boulton, in Denver, said one of the group is reported to have made comments alerting police to a potential assassination plot against the leader of the Democrats.

But speaking at a press conference, police said the men were drug addicts.