Self Defense Guideline Card

I have no idea from whence this card came. 

There is no attribution to be found anywhere on it.

It was given to me by some organization many many years ago and as you can see I have carried it in my wallet for so many years it is practically unreadable. It should not be considered to be legal advice. But it is sound common sense.  I have retyped and slightly modernized it. 

It makes more sense now in my dotage than it did for all those many years I carried and periodically read it against the dire day I might need to use it’s counsel, which has blessedly never occurred. 



If you are involved in a shooting incident, the following steps should be taken but only after you are completely sure there is no longer a threat.

1. Secure the weapon the assailant used. Check yourself and bystanders for injuries.  Make a complete check of the scene,however do not tamper with any evidence. If the person shot is no longer a threat try to help him. Do not talk to him or use abusive language. Do not touch the assailant if he appears to be dead. Do not let anyone else handle any evidence.

2. Call the police as soon as possible. Tell them shots have been fired and your location. Ask for emergency medical assistance. Do not discuss the details of the incident over the phone. Holster or secure your weapon so it is clearly not a threat to Police when they approach. Innocent people have been shot by Police because they appeared to be a threat when Officers first arrive. Try to spot them first and attract them to your position in a non-threatening manner. Initially Police may treat you as a suspect especially if you have a weapon. Do as you are told. Do not  question or argue with them.

3. Call your lawyer. Make NO statements to Police or anyone else until your attorney is present. He should meet you at the scene if possible. Tell him exactly what happened and let him talk for you. Advise your attorney not to make statements to the press on your behalf beyond some basic comments on the need for a full investigation into all the facts. If you must meet Police by yourself, be sure NOT TO MAKE ANY STATEMENTS.  Explain to Police politely, but firmly, you will make no statements until your attorney arrives. “Officer, I know you have a job to do, but I do not wish to make any statements in the absence of an attorney.” Remember, anything you say can, and will, be used against you.

4.When Paramedics arrive get medical treatment for shock for yourself and any other person involved whether physically injured or not.

5. STAY AWAY FROM THE NEWS MEDIA. Never talk or make any statement to them. Let your attorney make any statements for you. Remember, the news media have NO AUTHORITY! You do not have to talk to them!

6. Legal actions. You are justified in using lethal force if you “feared for your life” or that of another person. Do not apologize for defending yourself.  Avoid statements such as “I am sorry I had to shoot”, “I regret the incident happened”. Such statements are equated with feelings of guilt. You are remorseful therefore your actions were inappropriate. Such statements can cost you later in a court of law.

7.Stress. Persons involved in shooting incidents face a great amount of stress. Psychological problems sometimes appear, and even physical ones such as sleeplessness, headaches, diarrhea and heart problems. These problems are common and affect even trained law enforcement officers. If you encounter any of these problems seek professional help.

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

6 responses to “Self Defense Guideline Card

  1. On August 1, 2008 at 11:42 am ibrahim binshahbal Said:
    nice article.

    Many thanks. I wish I could remember more about the card’s provenance.

  2. What a great advices.
    “the news media have NO AUTHORITY! You do not have to talk to them!”
    I agree with you. They don’t make anything better (sometimes), even they make it worst.

  3. >>The card came from Active Pro Gear (>>and is included as a free gift when ordering a >>holster.

    While they may offer it now or something like it I can assure you the card came long before I carried in a holster and to the best of my knowledge I do not own any ActiveProGear holster.

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