Airweights for Airheads, L.Neil Smith Opines on Heller.

From the JPFO website, L. Neil Smith summarizes the outcome of DC v. Heller. Hard to argue with this interpretation.

Complete link:

Tantalizing excerpt:

Popgun Parade

by L. Neil Smith

For Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Very appropriately, the revolver chosen will be Smith & Wesson’s cute little .38 caliber Model 442, an excellent choice for concealed self-defense under many circumstances, but one of the puniest weapons the company makes, and in this case, highly symbolic: an airweight for airheads.

Around these parts, DC v. Heller is better known as the Viagra Decision, due to the court’s embarrassingly inadequate performance in defense of the Bill of Rights. With a reluctant, grudging nod at the Second Amendment as an inarguably individual right, the old men and women in black incontinently hastened to add that it is subject to practically any “reasonable” regulation politicians and bureaucrats might wish to impose upon it. That, we submit to our dear colleagues and allies at the Second Amendment Foundation — as well as to our old friends and enemies at Smith & Wesson — is absolutely nothing to celebrate.


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