SWAT Team Gone Wild (Part II-The Video)

Here it is folks, the house, the family, the people your government has declared Enemy Numero Uno. (A little spanish lingo for those of you in Rio Linde) This guy just happens to be the elected Mayor of a town of 3,000 souls. I like rooting out government corruption as much the next guy, but this seems a little severe. I guess cannabalism always has been.

Call me crazy,but one of these days one of these assault teams will walk into a real bare knuckle, heads-on-pikes gunfight.  It will not be just another routine case of gunning down Little Timmy and Lassie.  (See Ruby Ridge)

Wonder if it will make the National News?

Complete link:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The Mayor of Berwyn Heights, MD had his home raided by a SWAT team who shot and killed both of his dogs because a 32lb. package of Pot was sent to his home. The Mayor claims he has no idea where or why someone would send the Pot to his home.



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