Sierra Times Classic- Meditation On Our Current Predicament

Honest, I will try not to dabble in the Sierra Times Archives any more after this. (But really, it was a great online publication)

This piece seems relevant today because of all the chatter about “the reset button” and “the threshold of outrage” and uberposts about “what to do” going around during the Dog Days of this really not all that hot summer.  The “reset button” has been right under our nose all these years and we, the people of dissent, still have not learned how to use it as explained in this kinder, gentler analysis of the State of The Union.

Thanks to the good folks at FreeRepublic it lives on the Internet  but somehow has not made it into the Wayback Machine archives.

Complete FreeRepublic Link:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

A Meditation On Our Current Predicament

(c) 2000 by TJ Kattermann – 06.26.00

Guest Editorial

On the surface, it would seem to be a fair fight.

In the Second Amendment Corner stand people with Business experience – (Motto: Better, Faster, Cheaper); Sports experience – (Motto: When the going gets tough, the tough get going) and Military experience – (Motto: Capitulation occurs when the enemy’s assets are depleted beyond replenishment.)

In the Fabian Socialist Corner stand people with Psychology backgrounds – (Motto: Get touchy-feely with your inner child); Theatre Backgrounds – (Motto: All the world’s a stage and I’m the most important actor) and the unholy marriage of the two known euphemistically as Marketing/Public Relations – (Motto: we can produce graphic demonstrations of “facts” that don’t exist anywhere outside our imagination.)

While -We the People- of the Constitution have barely discovered the Gutenberg Printing Press, they -the Fabian Socialists- have taken our tax dollars to erect institutions and organizations to thwart our every move. The Federal Communications Commission, an organization that magically determines who shall own and build the fortresses known as Television and Radio Stations; the Federal Election Commission, an organization which establishes dominion over the kind of people who can run for office and the terms under which they may get their hands on the levers of power known as taxation.


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