Say It Ain’t So! BadCopNews Closes!

Another source I did not exploit enough when I could. Sheesh!

Update February 08,2009:

Okay! I get it! A lot of you folks need to find fresh raw Bad Cop News from around the web.

(This is now officially the most frequently and consistently visited post on my humble little blog site)

(Update 11/01/09: It is now ranked 3rd, maybe 4th. Come’on folks! put it back on top where it belongs!)

So, in my humble Sovereign Citizen way, I provide these links to help abate the fever of my readers.

First, from the other side of the looking glass an actual cop from an actual cop blog who is also a pretty good 2nd Amendment supporter. (Heaven knows I am not eager to bash all cops all the time. Just the ones who need it. If you guys would clean up your cop shops I would not need to post all this crap):

Next, a generally credible source-David Codrea’s War On Guns Blog with his “Only Ones Files” ( Some are actually kind of funny. Others not so much.)

Over at The Agitator we have some pretty scary SWAT Team Tales along with some legal commentary on the implications of it all:

And last, in no particular order, some upstart specialized sites:;;

Remember also I include some stories in my sidebar categories of Police War On Dogs, Feral Cops, Do NOT Talk To Investigators, Open Carry/Constitutional Carry Files, politics and Self Defense.

Maybe this will help calm things down for a while. Other links will be posted as they come to my attention.

Update May 3, 2009. Hard to believe but I left out Sierra Times. Yes, before The ONLY ONES, Before Badcop News, Sierra Times had the Whack’em & Stack’em Files. So, for you history buffs:


Complete link to the WAYBACK Machine Archives for you BadCopNews Junkies:*/

Complete link:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Bad Cop News
10’s Of Thousands Of “Isolated Incidents” – Our Tax Dollars At Work

Bad Cop News is no longer being updated. We will maintain the domain and offshore hosting.

If anyone is interested in posting current news for your area/state, or even managing the site, contact us at

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

12 responses to “Say It Ain’t So! BadCopNews Closes!

  1. >I started a forum a week ago to track ongoing >incidents of police abuse and brutality.

    Nice Work. Why do you refer to Randy Weaver’s son as a
    deer poacher?

  2. Bad Cop News was the best tool to expose members of a dishonorable profession in a police state.

    Nothing has changed within the law enforcement community since the Serpico scandal 40 years ago, despite the fact police corruption predates that scandal.

  3. I’ll miss sitting at school during my down time reading about all the corruption in that sector. I had even turned many of my students on to the site. It will be missed.

  4. Try www dot LawReport dot org. We focus on U.S. corruption among the “high and mighty” authorities. It is a young but growing site. You can file complaints against cops and soon it will be expanded to take complaints against attorneys, judges and politicians. As the data entered by users grows it will be made available to the public to search on and do research or to use in criminal defense. Visit us 🙂

  5. >>>Try www dot LawReport dot org. We focus on U.S. >>>corruption among the “high and mighty” authorities

    Many thanks for all your work.

  6. The @InjusticeNews twitter feed has a comprehensive listing of stories involving police misconduct throughout the United States much in the way BadCopNews did, but through Twitter instead of a blog.

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