Is It Real or Is It Memorex? Swat Style Home Invasion

On the topic of Swat Teams Gone Wild,  this group of thugs just broke into a guy’s home and DECLARED they were the cops. Who would know the difference?

Common Law existed long before modern Fabian Socialist theories of jurisprudence and one keystone principle has always been the absolute right to defend your home against all predators, government or goblin. 

Maybe this culture will rediscover the wisdom of Common Law before it is too late.

Complete link (Hint:Click print friendly or email the text to yourself or others)

Tantalizing Excerpt:
4 gunmen bust doors, yell ‘FBI,’ loot home
By Jacob Quinn Sanders

Friday, August 8, 2008

LITTLE ROCK — Two men kicked in the front door, splintering it near the bolt-lock.

Two more kicked in a side door. All four had guns. It was 3 a.m.

“FBI! FBI!” the men shouted, one pulling what looked like a badge out of his shirt before stuffing it back in. “Where’s your money?”


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