Compstat Policing-The NYPD Diaspora

For those of you interested in what goes through the mind of your local patrol officer this article may give you some insight.

The phrase “proactive policing” has always given me an itch, it seems dangerously close to “guilty until proven innocent”. Or “big brother is watching”.

Always the skeptic, I suggest Compstat merely creates a “Criminal Diaspora” which drives truly vicious hardened thugs into quiet backwaters they previously avoided but now seek for sanctuary.

Complete Link:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The NYPD Diaspora
Heather Mac Donald

Back at the station house, a detective rides the same public camera system, zooming in on a license plate, say, to see if a car is stolen or if its driver is wanted on an outstanding warrant. Borgo is even building a room in the reception area with 42 large screens that will display live shots from all over the city—a public display of the department’s surveillance capacities, which criminals already falsely believe are all-encompassing.

Gunshot-detection sensors at various locations alert headquarters immediately when a gun gets discharged outdoors. Cameras then take pictures around the source of the shot, with an emphasis on roads and nearby arteries leaving the city, since in 70 percent of East Orange shootings, someone zooms off afterward in a car. The department also plans to introduce license-recognition technology that will automatically tell the police when a stolen car has entered the city.


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