Gun Control Is Good (Part II)

Fantastic Video. Michael Bane posted Part I on his blog here:

Complete Link:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Violent criminals advocate gun control legislation to foster a safer work environment. Carjacker gives interview before burying corpse of victim.

One response to “Gun Control Is Good (Part II)

  1. It is obvious that politicians want complete control over our lives, no guns for us but they will have gun toting people to protect them from us. Mayors are guilty of this and other politicians have either police protection or private guards provided with our tax money. Look into history and study what happens to the people when they give up their guns. Your own government will kill you to obtain complete control. Gun control is not about guns at all but about control. So called anti-gun Senator from North Carolina used a gun to protect himself. What a hypocrite. Bob Groos

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