2nd Amendment Suspended When Politicians Are In Town

So what was the guy supposed to do? Sneak around with his CASED rifles? Open carry his rifles without a case?

Complete link:


Irritating Excerpt:

Man arrested carrying weapons at Pelosi hotel

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was briefly evacuated from her downtown Denver hotel Saturday when a man carrying two hunting rifles and two pistols tried to check in to the hotel.

Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said 29-year-old Joseph Calanchini, of Pinedale, Wyo., faces a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon after police officers at the Grand Hyatt hotel noticed him carrying a rifle-type case while checking in. Calanchini did not have a concealed weapons permit, said Lance Clem, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

One response to “2nd Amendment Suspended When Politicians Are In Town

  1. Inter arma enim regem silent (laws fall silent in times of war) said Cicero. And the 2nd Amendment causes way too much confusion these days. I just heard from a Denver friend that Kansas police are in Denver for the convention. I wonder if you can get near the convention site while carrying a guitar case.

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