The New Brown Shirts; Same As The Old Brown Shirts

Repeat after me: the Iron Curtain never FELL, it was LOWERED after a proper incubation period was complete and the contagion of Communism was ready for release into the larger world.

England now has a scheme to give Police Powers to the extended “Police Family”, ie certain select civilians or employees of private firms. 

Sounds suspicously like the registered Communist Party Members who rode herd in Mother Russia under Stalin or yes, even Hilter’s Brownshirts who helped bring him to power. 

And , of course,  let us not forget Robert Mugabee or even Obama’s proposed Civilian National Security Force. (Link Here:Card Carrying Bolshevik on every corner)

Snag the link while you can:

7 responses to “The New Brown Shirts; Same As The Old Brown Shirts

  1. Lol, you don’t get overly worked up easily do you?! Yes a few security workers in malls and council workers will be handing out fines for parking offences, littering and crap like that, which I agree with you, isn’t a good idea BUT I don’t really think you can compare the UK to the USSR.

  2. >>BUT I don’t really think you can compare the UK to the USSR.

    Here’s a thought. Next time you guys get your tail in a wringer (WWI/WWII) do not call America to come bail you out.

    We, the People, are tired of spilling American blood when your lunacy leads to the inevitable. Peace in our time and all that nonsense.

    Maybe it time to examine the British role in the Rwanda Debacle to see just exactly how your social engineering theories work out.

  3. lol, you don’t have to get all defensive fella, I was only giving you my pov… though you’d be a fan of freedom on speech (when people share your opinion though I guess?).
    The US turned up late to the party in WW1 but did eventually help, so for that we’re grateful, and yes they did indeed save the day in WW2… although I would say the Germans would have ruled western and central Europe for many years to come if they hadn’t kicked off against the Russians fighting on two fronts, and it’s that that led the Allies to win the war. Oh, and although the US did some great things during the war, especially the service personnel who lost their lives or were injured physically and mentally, its pretty clear the US gov had less that perfectly altruistic reasons for getting involved, seeking dominance of the western hemisphere, which would be in place if the European powers destroyed themselves, and then had to rely on US loans and military help. This was obviously good and bad, but no government does anything for other nations out of the goodness of their hearts… that’s a basic tenant of politics (as I say, this doesn’t mean individuals in the US military weren’t fighting for European freedom, I’m talking about their leaders).

    And yes, Europe has been the bloodiest continent in history and has been pretty barbaric. Good to see the US has gone on to follow our lead, rather than take a different part. You guys are mostly of European decent, so guess that’s not surprising.

    The British f***** most of Africa, but I think we can point to France and Belgium for the real culprits regarding the tragic hell that was/is Rwanda.

  4. >The British f***** most of Africa, but I think we can >point to France and Belgium for the real culprits >regarding the tragic hell that was/is Rwanda.

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride huh?

    The Royal Navy, which can take a WEEK to steam across the ocean to deliver a full combat force to some fly speck in the middle of nowhere known as the Faulkland Islands, can not seem to find a single aircraft carrier to deliver 4,000 combat troops(the estimated amount needed to quell the genocide) to bolster the Canadian Peace Keeping Force already on the ground in Rawanda.

    Guess the Nevelle Chamberlain wing of the British Political Establishment went all wobbly that spring.

    So, bottom line, it is always someone else’s fault.

    The Belgians, the French, the Imperial United States, The UN, NATO, the dog ate your homework, the toast got burnt, we need nanny state brown shirts to bring the Clockwork Orange gangs to heel.

    Now I know why my neighborhood is filled with British Expatriates.

  5. lol, Lordy, that’s the lamest reply I could have imagined… thought it would be interesting to have a measured debate with someone who obviously has differing political opinions than myself, but if you’re gonna be that immature and intellectually lazy, think we’ll have to leave it there!

    Good luck fella!

  6. Aw, this was an incredibly good post – “The reason behind the passion BoSox Banter”. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a superb article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never manage to get anything done.

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