Dad Was Lucky, A Pistol Would Certainly Have Helped.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

She was screaming as her father ran into the bedroom and fought off the attacker. When police arrived, the father had his arm around the intruder’s throat and was holding him.

“The father was able to get his arm around this guy’s neck and throat and has him down on the ground. The mother calls 911, the police get there,” Sgt. Mount described. “They tell the guy, ‘Okay, you can let go of him now, we’re here, we’ll take care of this.’ As he then releases his hold on him and putting the cuffs on him they realize he’s unresponsive.”

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Marie-Antoinette and the War On Salt


Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. 

For 50 years the French Monarchy was sustained by predatory and increasingly confiscatory taxes on basic commodities such as salt to maintain a decadent lifestyle for the nobility(Kakistocracy). 

When the shell game came to an end, the “Terror” began.

From “Citizens A Chronicle of the French Revolution” by Simon Schama, page 288:
The Monarchy collapsed when the price of it’s financial rescue was measured not in profits or offices but in political concessions. In August 1788 it suffered a hemorrhage of confidence on the part of its creditors and subscribers.

Their reluctance to offer new funds against the usual “anticipations” of revenues signified a transfer of faith from bureaucratic to a representative form of government. The reforms of the Brienne administration had been the last,strenuous effort to produce sufficient changes to shore up sovereignty without altering its basic premises.

Its evident failure to prevail over resistance except through sustained military force was fatal.

Henceforth, an alternative conviction was in the ascendant: that patriotic freedom would produce money where reforming absolutism had not.

There was nothing necessary or even logical about this connection……………

Knabenschiessen – Boys’ Shooting Match, Zurich, Switzerland


What a terrific target range.  Knabenschiessen is a word that should be in every American RKBA Supporter’s vocabulary.



Explantory Text:

Knabenschiessen – Boys’ Shooting Match

Military training for Swiss youths has been on record since the Middle Ages. Conscription started at the early age of 16 and so even boys were taught how to handle weapons.

Shooting practise for Zurich youths was first described in 1576 but the actual Knabenschiessen competition was first documented in the second half of the 17th century.

This shooting match for 12–16 year-old boys is held on the second weekend in September but has only existed in its present form since 1899.

Thousands of boys – and more recently girls – take part. Each competitor has five shots and the winner receives great honours with his/her picture appearing in every Zurich newspaper.

The “Shooting King” receives an old Zurich coin on three silver chains and may choose an award from the prize table.

The Knabenschiessen is a vivid and vibrant folk festival – a firm favourite with all age groups!


ITAR Fee Change a Done Deal

Apparently an insufficient number of comments flooded the “Freedom First” President’s Secretary of State Office to keep the cost of doing business to a minimum.

Behold the final rule change:

The War On Dogs File -Part Something, Something Ad Nauseum

In a small town equipped with an Animal Control Department THE POLICE respond to a complaint about a “vicious dog” which had NOT bitten or harmed anyone but was sentenced to death because “he charged” and “showed his teeth”.

They fire a SHOTGUN TWICE in a residential neighborhood (presumably at close range) and leave the dead dog bagged by the side of the road.

The officer who pulled the trigger has been on the force for a year. Naturally, the Chief exonerates the behaviour of his officers.

Where are the 911 tapes and records for the alleged behaviour of this dog?  Remember, this a small town, presumably everyone more or less knows everyone and their business.

What are the CALEA policies for this type of response?

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

Mount Olive woman lodges complaint after officer kills dog.

Mount Olive, N.C. — A Mount Olive woman says she does not understand why a police officer killed her dog.

Durham, a 45-pound Labrador retriever, was fatally shot Thursday.

Mangum said she questions why animal control officers were not called first to pick up the animal, instead of the police.

Open Carry File-Pennsylvania-OBEY Or We Will Revoke Your CCW!

It seems Mom went to her child’s soccer game wearing a holstered pistol. Now her CCW is at risk.

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NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Carried Her Gun Into New YAWK City!

It would appear not all the rules apply to all the people all the time.  Shocked I am, just shocked!

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

The two judges, almost inseparable, were headed for a New York bar convention when the metal detector’s buzz at RDU prompted a search of Sharp’s purse, which contained a small revolver.

Told that the gun was verboten, Sharp replied indignantly, “You certainly don’t expect me to visit New York without carrying some form of protection, do you?” The firearm was transferred from her purse to her luggage.

Economic Forest Fires As Dangerous As Wilderness Wildfires!

Not only does this commentary speak my language as posted repeatedly on this blog

(Example start here:

but he wrote this last year before the current kerfuffle began! An excellent read, highly recommended.

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Tantalizing Forest Fire related excerpt:

In the late 19th Century the goal of forest fire suppression gained wide support in the US. The Forest Service was established in 1905, becoming the lead agency in this program. After a century of successful fire prevention much of the western US consists of dense forest with layers of dead wood. Tinderboxes across the West, ready for the next drought to spark uncontrollable fires.

What can be done? Not much. Nature delayed must take its course. Logging permits are difficult to get and logging itself often uneconomic. Thinning and removal of ground cover is prohibitively expense over large areas. Controlled burns often work well. Unfortunately they occasionally become uncontrolled burns. Instead landowners clear the land around their buildings and wait for the inevitable. Eventually, over years, this process will work itself to a new equilibrium.

We have managed our economy like our forests. The US Federal Reserve has successfully prevented a severe recession for a quarter-century. The early 1990’s saw a slight downturn in GDP; the early 2000’s an even slighter one. The government responded to each slowdown with aggressive monetary policy (easy credit, low rates), aggressive fiscal policy (government spending), and often exchange rate action (devaluing the US dollar to stimulate exports). The Fed has declared war on the business cycle. As Mao said, protracted struggle.

As a result of the Fed’s success the US economy has evolved in an unbalanced manner since 1982. Large, growing trade deficits. Accelerating growth in household debt. Decreased savings. National consumption in excess of national income, financed by foreign borrowing (current account deficits) — resulting in large foreign debts.

We have been warned. Comptroller General Walker. The IMF. High government officials, like former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. The major credit ratings agencies. Wall Street. Academia. It is not all boring jargon; here is a paper with an usually catchy title for a Fed publication: Is the United States Bankrupt?

A long list of alarms, ringing for many years. We ignored them as obviously false, since they warned of threats not yet here.

Secure In Your Papers and Possessions-The Code Enforcement Files

The intrepid Free Staters are at it again, this time in pursuit of Code Compliance Officers- government officials who invade your property without search warrants or probable cause and inflict significant economic hardship on ordinary taxpayers.

While different in degree from their brothers in Law Enforcement and other tiers of the Kakistocracy, nevertheless, Code Compliance Officers still occupy an important  place in the firmament of petty ante tyranny.

Remember this guy?

In 1991 Rader was hired to be supervisor of the Compliance Department at Park City, a two-employee, multi-functional department in charge of “animal control, housing problems, zoning, general permit enforcement and a variety of nuisance cases.”

In this position, neighbors recalled him as sometimes overzealous and extremely strict; one neighbor complained that he euthanized her dog for no reason.

On March 2, 2005, the Park City council terminated Rader’s employment for failure to report to work or to call in; he had been arrested for the murders seven days earlier.