Rifle Bullet Ricochet,yes, it can happen!

It is difficult to understand all the circumstances here without some facts about the target composition and construction. 

Ricochets can occur with almost any weapon under the right conditions. 

I know of at least one case where an IDPA Range Officer was hit with a dime size disk (from a 110 grain .357 SJHP) in the throat because steel plates had been put too close to the firing line.

And, of course, NEVER shoot bowling pins with .22 LR at twenty five yards. (or closer!) 

You will poke your eye out!

2 responses to “Rifle Bullet Ricochet,yes, it can happen!

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  2. FWIW: The first video is real. It was shot by George Hill of MadOgre.com

    The second video is staged. Spend enough time on YouTube and you’ll see the same knuckleheads at the same range filming more ricochet shots. They’re either the unluckiest shooters in the world or they’re faking them.

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