Knabenschiessen – Boys’ Shooting Match, Zurich, Switzerland


What a terrific target range.  Knabenschiessen is a word that should be in every American RKBA Supporter’s vocabulary.



Explantory Text:

Knabenschiessen – Boys’ Shooting Match

Military training for Swiss youths has been on record since the Middle Ages. Conscription started at the early age of 16 and so even boys were taught how to handle weapons.

Shooting practise for Zurich youths was first described in 1576 but the actual Knabenschiessen competition was first documented in the second half of the 17th century.

This shooting match for 12–16 year-old boys is held on the second weekend in September but has only existed in its present form since 1899.

Thousands of boys – and more recently girls – take part. Each competitor has five shots and the winner receives great honours with his/her picture appearing in every Zurich newspaper.

The “Shooting King” receives an old Zurich coin on three silver chains and may choose an award from the prize table.

The Knabenschiessen is a vivid and vibrant folk festival – a firm favourite with all age groups!



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