Marie-Antoinette and the War On Salt


Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. 

For 50 years the French Monarchy was sustained by predatory and increasingly confiscatory taxes on basic commodities such as salt to maintain a decadent lifestyle for the nobility(Kakistocracy). 

When the shell game came to an end, the “Terror” began.

From “Citizens A Chronicle of the French Revolution” by Simon Schama, page 288:
The Monarchy collapsed when the price of it’s financial rescue was measured not in profits or offices but in political concessions. In August 1788 it suffered a hemorrhage of confidence on the part of its creditors and subscribers.

Their reluctance to offer new funds against the usual “anticipations” of revenues signified a transfer of faith from bureaucratic to a representative form of government. The reforms of the Brienne administration had been the last,strenuous effort to produce sufficient changes to shore up sovereignty without altering its basic premises.

Its evident failure to prevail over resistance except through sustained military force was fatal.

Henceforth, an alternative conviction was in the ascendant: that patriotic freedom would produce money where reforming absolutism had not.

There was nothing necessary or even logical about this connection……………

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