It Is Never Unreasonable To Restrict Liberty To Fight Terrorism

How did I miss this press conference from the “Vote Freedom First”Presidency”?

Question: Is it ever unreasonable to restrict Constitutional Freedoms to fight Terrorism?

Answer: In our opinion NO.  (Laughter)

Presidential Candidate Pistol Practice At The Target Range

Tell the truth, when was the last time you saw a political candidate, any political candidate, fire at a target recorded on video? Welcome to forgotten America.


Unbelievable! Another Cop Canine Killer!

Did I get this straight? The Deputy stopped for directions because he was lost?  Was the Patrol Car Radio out of order?

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Yes Mr. Obama, Corporate Taxation = Money Laundering

After nearly a century of increasingly oppressive and predatory taxation (that is right folks, the Centennial of Woodrow Wilson’s Income Tax arrives in 2013) the great, Dumb American Masses still exhibit confusion about certain basic concepts vis-a-vis taxation, public funding, Sovereign Citizen Rights and Responsibilities.

Basic Confusion Number 1.  Corporations DO NOT PAY TAXES. Never have and never will. When a corporation is taxed it merely becomes a glorified money launderer for the Government.  Every dime of taxation the Corporation pays comes from the Individual Citizen’s Pocket.


When you, the person, purchase goods or services from a Corporation you pay every dime of the Corporation’s Tax Liability in the form of a higher price for said goods or services. For the Corporation, it is just another form of overhead to be added to the price of every widget sold.  Maybe it is time to label Corporate Taxation properly: money laundering for the Government.

Basic Confusion Number 2.  There is no such thing as a “Federal Dollar” or “State Dollar” or “Municipal Dollar”.  All the “Dollars” are looted directly from your wallet.

So when a politician promises to bring “Federal Highway Funds” to fix the bridge in your neighborhood it is just another tax you can not afford and do not need.  In your individual case it might be cheaper and easier to buy a  Surplus World War II Bailey Bridge and charge all users a toll to pay off the cost. 

But that alternative is verboten by Government Decree. 

When a municipality offers affordable housing subsidies to low income renters that is also just another pilfer party assault  directly on your wallet.  Again, in your individual case it might be cheaper and easier just to help your Church or Civic Organization house said low income renters or even turn low income renters into high income renters, but that alternative is also verboten by Government Decree.

Basic Confusion Number 3. It IS NOT YOUR JOB as a Sovereign Citizen to dutifully acquiesce to EVERY government document and demand of whatever nature.

It is YOUR job to say “this far and no further”.

It is your job to just say NO to increasingly feral Government Demands of any and all types.

So how about it? Are you finally going to burn your 1040 form after years of abuse? Rest assured the Government will have no difficulty burning your mortgage and your 401K and your IRA  for the “benefit of the many”.

This is the first election in memory the two major candidates are Tweedledum and Tweedledumber. 
Tweedledee is not even seated at the Public Debate Table.

As Todd Beamer famously said “Let’s Roll”

Spread the Wealth Around, Zimbabwe Style


Those of you who wonder how wealth is “spread around” need look no further than Zimbabwe, where redistribution of wealth has converted the “breadbasket of Africa” into a basketcase of poverty and astronomical inflation where the price of milk increases faster than the ability to withdraw money from the bank.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Driven from land in Zimbabwe, couple in their 50s seize opportunity in N.C.
By Matt Ehlers, Staff Writer

In a land redistribution campaign overseen by President Robert Mugabe, political loyalists seized thousands of white-owned farms in Zimbabwe and turned them over to impoverished blacks.

The seizures wrecked the country’s agricultural infrastructure, leading to extensive food shortages and stratospheric inflation. The United Nations estimates that 1 million people have lost their livelihoods and homes as a result of the redistribution………

Two Mazda pickups, bristling with armed police, were waiting for her. Their leader snatched the gate’s keys from the employee and turned to Helen.

“This is no longer your property. You have 24 hours to get out,” he told her. If you don’t, “we’ll kill you or put you in jail, whichever you prefer.”

It was not an idle threat. In 2000, war veterans killed a neighbor after he refused to leave his farm.

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Yes, I Am Joe Too!


Iowahawk is on the warpath and for good reason.  Join the crowd and tell the Soviet Socialist Press to back off!

Tantalizing Excerpt:

We’ve all witnessed a lot of insanity in American politics over the last few years. Up until the last few days, none of it has seriously bothered me; hey, just more grist for the satire mill. But after witnessing the media’s blitzkreig on Joe ‘the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher, I can only muster anger, and no small amount of fear.

Politicians — Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton, et al. —  obviously have to put up with some rude, nasty shit, but it’s  right there in the jobs description. Joe the Plumber is different. He was a guy tossing a football with his kid in the front yard of his $125,000 house when a politician picked him out as a prop for a 30 second newsbite for the cable news cameras. Joe simply had the temerity to speak truth (or, if you prefer, an uninformed opinion) to power, for which the politico-media axis apparently determined that he must be humiliated, harassed, smashed, destroyed. The viciousness and glee with which they set about the task ought to concern anyone who still cares about citizen participation, and freedom of speech, and all that old crap they taught in Civics class before politics turned into Narrative Deathrace 3000, and Web 2.0 turned into Berlin 1932.0.

Godwin’s Law! you say? if the jackboot fits, wear it.

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