Fairy Tale Week- The Princess Bride

It is Fairy Tale Week here on the JohnJacobH Blog.

In addition to the Sleeping Beauty Ballet  analysis from last May (Link,Click Here) JJ Jackson from EnterStageRight.com uses an example from the movie “The Princess Bride” to explain how to defeat seemingly invincible Bolsheviks through sheer acts of will.

The Tantalizing Excerpt:

Why on Earth am I recounting this scene from The Princess Bride for you in a space reserved for political commentary?  Because there is a correlation between what happened in this scene and what is going on right now in America.  Anyone who has seen this movie knows that the only reason Westley was put in a situation of being “mostly dead” in the first place was because his love made a bargain to, so she thought, save him.  But that bargain was never kept by the wicked men the deal was made with.

The wicked never keep their word because, no matter how much they protest, they have no honor.

Over the years we too have made bargains with the honorless and wicked to try and save someone that we love; Lady Liberty.

The Complete Link:




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