The Wisdom of Reverend Edmund A. Opitz of The Foundation For Economic Education

The View From the Bottom Of The “Slippery Slope”.

For years what seemed to be a relic from a bygone era rested securely on my bookshelf.

Published in May of 1954 as a  twenty six page pamphlet with the innocuous title
“The Lengthening Shadow of Government” it neatly predicted the turbulence of the past fifty years at it’s inception!
Since the Title Page gave permission to reprint without special permission and the address was preposterously old fashioned, incomplete and vague, (who could think it possible to address correspondence to The Foundation For Economic Education, Irvington-On-Hudson, New York and believe it would arrive? ) I made the inappropriate assumption the author had changed careers and disappeared from public view.

Periodically over the years I would re-read this modern version of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”  and marvel there were once men in our age who published such clarion thoughts to be publicly considered and discussed.

The events of the past few weeks (the so-called economic crisis) brought this little jewel once again to mind and a quick web search revealed  both the author and the Foundation have quietly continued their work over the years and can be found in the same location listed in the pamphlet.

So for those of you confounded by the events of the past few weeks, know this was all forcast long ago and in a far different time. 

Sadly, Rev. Edmund Opitz is no longer with us to share his insight.

But the work of the Foundation For Economic Education can be found online here:

Foundation for Economic Education
30 South Broadway
New York, 10533
1-800-960-4FEE • 1-914-591-7230

Go there and learn.

The official online obituary for Edmund A. Opitz

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The philosophy Ed Opitz espoused is summed up neatly in these three sentences, taken from one of his essays: “There is a place for government in the affairs of men, and our Declaration of Independence tells us precisely what that place is. The role of government is to protect individuals in their God-given individual rights. Freedom is the natural birthright of man, but all that government can do in behalf of freedom is to let the individual alone, and it should secure him in his rights by making others let him alone.”


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