The Morning After…..

David Codrea echos a discussion held many times over the years in his new gig as the Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner.

(Example from the dusty past: See archived article from the old Sierra Times:

Tantalizing Excerpt from the Cleveland Examiner:

But in ourselves…
November 5, 6:50 AM
by David Codrea, Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner

I question how many of us got truly involved, not just in this election, but in influencing our political destinies on a regular basis………

Unbelievably, of the many thousand gun owners in the district who had signed up to be on a local gun show’s mailing list, less than a tenth of these were even registered to vote. To add insult to injury, after losing the election, my friend was stuck with a $10,000 campaign bill, with little financial assistance in sight…………

We expect politicians to champion our rights, but how many of us make it worth their while to do so on such a hot button issue–one that is radioactive in most urban locales? Yes, true, a principled person does not shrink from hoisting his colors, but most politicians, even the ones who vote our way the majority of the time, view it as but one of many issues. And even though we don’t like to hear this, most constituents do not consider gun rights their major concern……

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