Liz Michael Prophesies Revolution

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Liz Michael explains why revolution,bloody revolution is the result when the cost of compliance exceeds the cost of defiance.

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(Copyright, 2004,, Permission to reprint granted so long as the website and the copyright remains referenced. No exclusivity may be retained by any individual or press entity which reprints.)

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The Revolution Has Started: Haman’s Gallows and the Mordecai Element
by Liz Michael
Copyright, 2004,,
Release date: June 2, 2004

Attention: all you jack booted thugs and various bureaucratic and judicial tyrants. American patriots are going to kill the lot of you.

“How dare she say that”, some of you say. Am I some sort of wild-eyed radical? Well, frankly, yes. In the tradition of the greatest President this or any country on earth has ever had, Thomas Jefferson. The tree of liberty, he said, must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Inevitably, you will kill some of us. But don’t fret: it’s our job to supply the blood of tyrants, and we will make sure you are not left out.

And how are the patriots going to kill you? Are they going to do a Timothy McVeigh and blow up your buildings? Are they going to do a “Hitman Online” and assassinate you outside your home in front of your family? Are we going to storm your buildings and shoot you? Are we going to shoot you while you are sitting on the bench?

None of that is ideal. In fact, you would be lucky if it went down that way. Here is how it likely will go down. I call the operation: “Haman’s Gallows”.

Haman’s Gallows: the story of Purim

Here is a synopsis of the story of Purim, for those of you who have never heard it, or have forgotten it. A colony of Jews in Persia had come to live in comfort. An Agagite named Haman was acting as a sort of Prime Minister under the King of Persia. He demanded that all Persian subjects, Jews included, prostrate themselves to him. A Jewish man named Mordecai refused to bow to him, and as a result, Haman plotted the genocide of all the Jews in the colony. But through the use of his cousin and adopted daughter, Esther, whom Mordecai encouraged to become married to the King, Mordecai was able to turn what was to be an execution of the Jews into an execution of Haman instead. Haman was literally hanged on the very gallows that he had built for the execution of Mordecai, and subsequently, the execution of all Jews.

There’s a few lessons that many people don’t get out of the Book of Esther story. First of all, the Jews in Persia were not particularly rebellious. They were fat and happy. And while Mordecai refused to bow to Haman, the rest of the Jews were perfectly content to prostrate themselves before him. This was not sufficient for Haman: Haman arrogantly wanted ALL to prostrate themselves before him and acknowledge his power. 99% of the Jews were not enough. And Haman was undone, not by a mass rebellion of the Jewish people: Haman was undone by the work, literally, of only TWO people. That’s all it took. TWO PEOPLE to effectively bring down the Prime Minister of Persia.

And how is the story told today? With solemnity and thanks given unto the God of Israel? Nope. Purim is an occasion of merriment and drunkenness. Jews figuratively dance on the grave of Haman. They mock him. Despise him. Laugh at him. And get drunk in his memory. It is a means of demonstrating how utter and complete their contempt for this man is.

So where do you, government bureaucrat and tyrant, fit in to the modern story of Purim about to unfold all over again, almost as prophecy? Well, it’s very simple. YOU are Haman. And we are not building your gallows. You are building gallows for us. But you will be hung on them instead. Confused? Let me make it more plain.

The modern day union of the twelve tribes of Israel, the people of North America, are just like the Jews of Persia. Instead of being free in their own land, in other words, free under a limited government they so crafted with providential help, they are instead living in slavery, under a massive government a lot like the government of Persia. But they are fairly content to do so: for the most part. They are “fat and happy”. And all you various ministers of the various levels of this government slavery, YOU, are Haman. You’re not quite the King. You just like to act like you are.

You probably have 99% of the American people who are obedient to you, whether out of love, fear, deception, indifference, whatever. But then there is that 1%. Now, all and all, that 1% is not going to diminish your power and your wealth much at all. Not really. But that’s not good enough for you. You are obsessed with making that 1%, that “Mordecai Element”, obey. Now, that element, like Mordecai himself, was not an alien to the culture or a criminal: Mordecai was actually a respected, law-abiding older sage in Persia. But you will do anything, including not only killing those Mordecais, who are often accusing you to your face, but you will go after ALL the American people to intimidate them into subjection. Even if they are in subjection already.

And it will be those two groups of people who take you down. The Mordecais, who will refuse to bow to you and accuse you to your face, and the Esthers, who will “appear to obey” and may even be involved in the government, i.e., they will “MARRY the King”, and moreover, if you follow the narrative, the Esthers will actually supplant you in the positions of government and power. It will be a small number of people. It won’t be or even resemble an elected majority. Not at first.

And just as Jews do unto this very day, we will see you hung you on your own gallows, we will dance on your graves, and spit on you, and you will figuratively live forever in infamy, as a byword of tyranny, just like Haman is regarded today. This is your future.

And how does this apply to the government tyrant?

Well, remember that grand plan, to basically erect this vast network of espionage upon the American people, so that they can never have a moment’s rest without being under government or private surveillance of some type? Remember all those ID’s and licenses that you all forced people to get in order to not be treated almost literally as an illegal alien? Remember all those nagging traffic citations, and citations for this that and the other, that you used to both control the populace in their behavior and to raise revenue. Remember when you arrested those people and brought all of those people into court, often for “victimless crimes” like self-medication?

If there is one good thing I can say about this slavery, this tyranny, it is, that it has a paper trail leading back to the very people who administer it. It shows who was an employee of what agency. It shows to what degree that agency followed the Constitution. It not only will show which AGENCY persecuted a given citizen, but it will show which BUREAUCRAT, which COP, which JUDGE, which government employee, and which jury, tyrannized that citizen.

So you think that we patriots want to destroy that evidence of all your evildoing by blowing up your buildings? Don’t be silly. We want to capture every single shred of evidence of the tyranny intact. So we can indict the participants for corruption and treason. And for little things like “violating the civil rights” of citizens, which by the way, in and of itself, is currently a federal crime that can earn you ten years.

Let’s give an example. Start with the IRS. We probably will. The IRS has kept a thorough record of every taxpayer in the United States. It also has a record of every employee it ever had. And it has a record of every taxpayer it persecuted, and WHO persecuted him. The IRS is in a bad position, because most of what it does is of questionable legality and constitutionality. I mean, instead of a bureaucrat merely “assessing” a penalty for an inaccurate return, the IRS should be required to bring such a matter before a court. In fact, it is required to do so, constitutionally, just like any other creditor is required to do. But it seldom does. Also, since a tax return is required to be signed under penalty of perjury, it should therefore be inadmissible as evidence for anything under the fifth amendment, or contrarily, a citizen should be allowed to not file or not sign, under the guise of fifth amendment protections.

So what’s the big deal? Well, when you do something like that as part of the Mafia, it’s called extortion. But when you do it representing the United States, it is not only called extortion, it is called treason.

Bill Of Rights Enforcement

“As the highest law of the land, the Bill of Rights must be enforced. Any official, appointed or elected at any level of government and guilty of any violation of an individual’s rights under the first ten Amendments, must be arrested, tried, and punished. The highest — the only — priority of public officials must be to enforce the Bill of Rights, and that’s the only criterion by which they should be judged…”

—L. Neil Smith

Did you ever do anything as a public official to prohibit the free exercise of religion? To prohibit free speech? To prohibit free assembly? Did you infringe upon the right of even one American to keep and bear arms? Were you ever responsible for an illegal search or an illegal seizure? Ever impose excessive bail? Or excessive fines? Ever deny a right to trial by jury? Ever deny a trial at all? Ever hold a “secret trial”? Ever deny the right of a defendant to the counsel of his choosing? (And not just his choice of “state-approved lawyers”) Ever engage in an eminent domain confiscation? Ever allow cruel and unusual punishment?

Well, then YOU TOO, might just be sentenced to hang under a Bill of Rights Enforcement trial. This is not just something we are whimsically contemplating. This is something we are going to do. This is something which may happen to YOU. Whether elected, appointed, or a mere civil servant. It is also too, if you’ve already committed the crimes, too late to repent.

It may not be the most vicious American tyrants who wind up on Haman’s Gallows. It may just be the ones with the most damning paper trails. And the ones with the most indictable paper trails are the taxing agencies and the courts. A lot of those “Rodney King” beatings by cops might be buried in the system and disguised as something else, and even when brought forth, may boil down to a “he said, she said”. But the paper trails won’t lie. The illegal prosecutions and court records, detailing the misdeeds of the judges and prosecutors, won’t lie. The tax records won’t lie. And while government spooks of the CIA and NSA may be swift enough to evade capture for any treason trials, the pencil-pushing bureaucrat won’t be.

The crimes of the American governments are too numerous to enumerate here. In a separate article, at a different place, I will outline in detail exactly what crimes the American patriots will go after.

What about that proverbial “Mark of the Beast”?

Or perhaps if you’re not savvy enough to understand the Book of Esther, perhaps you will better understand the Book of Revelation. You’ll remember, if you have studied it, that all people in the world will have to volunteer to take “The Mark of the Beast”, and that no one will be able to buy and sell, unless they have the Mark. Some say that the Mark is only spiritual. Others point to a physical Mark, perhaps some kind of biochip.

Now do you remember what the end of those who take the Mark of the Beast is? They are tortured, and driven thoroughly crazy. Is that easy to do? Well, frankly, yes. If a tyrant can create a biochip to bag and tag the whole world, then a rebel can create a device which could in a given radius inflict pain on those who have it, while leaving those who don’t have it perfectly unaffected. Impossible? Hardly, if you understand much about electronics and interference and the absolute misery willful interference can cause.

But you say, “the people of God would never do that”. Let me tell you something. The real people of God not only WILL do it, they are PROPHESIED to do it. Why? Because all who take the Mark of the Beast are guilty of contributing to the tyranny over those who refuse to take it. And many of us, myself included, have sworn under God and Heaven that we shall not only subvert that technology whenever it does eventuate, but that we will craft a nation as a safe harbor for those who refuse the technology. Whether it be the United States, the Confederate States, a single state, or some other state, or non-state, in some other place. We’re not going to be “raptured away” off the planet someplace. We’re not only going to be here, we’re going to be “in your face”, and stand as a collective witness against you. And if you think we’re just going to “lay back and take it”, then you frankly haven’t read enough scriptures to realize we won’t.

Legal disclaimer: do not take this as a personal threat

Do not interpret this as a specific threat on my part of any officer, judge, or bureaucrat that I have personally dealt with. If *I* have any say about this whatsoever, and I intend to, there will be no outright killings. Rather there will be a series of “fair trials”. Trials at which you will be able to be represented by the counsel of your choice, and unlike YOUR system, your counsel won’t have to be approved before some private or public bar or by the government. Trials at which you will have a right to a jury of your peers, since you will probably be on trial for your life.

And trials to be conducted by impartial parties. In other words, I will not be able to preside over a proceeding where I was the victim, or where I have a past negative history with the accused which would impede my ability to remain impartial. Just as Randy Weaver will not be a judge over the people who killed his family, the Branch Davidians will not be a judge in the trial of the people who killed their brethren, and Rick Stanley will not be an official or juror concerning the people who put him on trial, despite the “apparent threat” he made that has him on the hotseat now.

So to anyone, anywhere, who ever rendered improper treatment to me, this is not a direct threat by me to you. I will not be able to serve as a judge, prosecutor, or juror on your trial. That wouldn’t be fair. Heck, you may not even have been found by an impartial prosecutor to be likely guilty of treason or corruption, regardless of how much I might hate you. Or perhaps there will simply be “bigger fish to fry”. So I can’t even safely predict you’ll even be arrested or put on trial.

Silencing me won’t change what I’ve just said

“And there’s a million of us, just like me, who cuss like me, who just don’t give a %#$^ like me, who dress like me, walk, talk and act like me, and just might be the next best thing, but not quite me.”

— Marshall Mathers aka Eminem

Whether you kill me, jail me, harass me, or whatever, it won’t make a bit of difference to what is going to happen to you. It will only increase your eventual misery, or create a new case for the tribunals. There are thousands if not millions of Mordecais and Esthers out there, waiting for the day you go on trial.

Running away may also prove futile. After all, the very technology you used to commit your tyranny will be the one and same technology used to hunt you down and bring you to trial. Think of all the new technologies out there now: DNA, facial recognition, technologies YOU intended to use to enslave the American people. Well, they’re going to be turned on you, and you, just like old Haman, will be hung as a result of them.

Oh, and about “destroying the evidence”. All I can say is, computers are amazing things. And so are backup procedures. And if the backups don’t get you, then the hackers will. Hackers who can crack into your systems and copy your files, store a copy with another patriot in an undisclosed location, and then just sit and wait for the revolution to happen. Hackers who are undoubtedly doing just that, right now, as you read.

And you know all those “underground patriot books” that tell you how to evade authorities by using false identities and the like? I’m thinking you government bureaucrats ought to buy yourself a couple: not as opposition research, but because you’re likely to need them real soon.


Copyright, 2004,, Permission to reprint granted so long as the website and the copyright remains referenced. No exclusivity may be retained by any individual or press entity which reprints.

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