JPFO Open Carry Alert


Illegal Open Carry Weapons Confiscation in Wisconsin. Support and monitor this case.

Tantalizing Excerpt:
December 12th 2008

Weapons Confiscation in Wisconsin
(copied from received email 12/12/08)

Update – 12/13/08 – the trial date we hear has been postponed to a later date.

If someone disagreed with you about an article or story you published and then complained to the police who came into your business and arrested you for disorderly conduct, would that incident be newsworthy?

What if the police arrested you for disorderly conduct while you were exercising any other constitutionally protected right because someone did not want you to exercise your right? Would you want to tell the people of Wisconsin how fragile it is to exercise their rights?

Once arrested, do you think an employer or all your friends and neighbors would understand or would some of them want to maintain more distance with you? Unfortunately, being arrested is the same thing as being found guilty to many people in the court of public opinion. The police don’t arrest innocent people just for exercising a constitutionally protected right after all. That would be outrageous.

Please come (or send a reporter) to the West Allis City Courthouse on Tuesday December 16th at 8 am when this question will be answered in court.

Link to complete Alert:


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