My Family Takes Up Arms

My sibling with spouse have decided to arm themselves. Bob Jones University Graduates both of them.

After years of homeschooling their children and regular church attendance at some not so mainstream churches they have concluded it is well to “Trust in God AND tie your camel”.

This appears to be at least partly attributable to “The Sarah Palin Effect” because heaven knows all us other siblings who hunt and shoot have had little impact over the years.

In any case I am in a state of shock. This truly is THEendOFtheWORLDasWEknowIT.

My advice was the same I offer to all newbies- Take a “First Steps Course”, find people you trust to help educate you, think carefully at all times as what you undertake will likely be different from anything you have undertaken previously.

Anyone with any insight is welcome to comment.

Who says Obamanation will not bring change?


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