Mumbai – In America Gabe Suarez

The inimitable Gabe Suarez reviews the Mumbai incident.

Many valid points, but America has already had some mini-Mumbai dress rehearsals, most notably the LA Bank Shootout and the Atlanta Courthouse Incident.

America’s Mumbai will not necessarily be less brutal, but it maybe more managable than the India Uproar.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Preparing for Mumbai – In America
Submitted by cbaus on Thu, 12/18/2008 – 00:05. By Gabe Suarez

And finally, without which all else is wasted, develop the will to kill. It is hard for some to sneak up on a man and shoot him in the back of the head unannounced, regardless of what the man has done, or is about to do. You need to get over that if you want to be a player at this level. it is not about capturing, or about bringing to justice, or about “stopping the action”. it is about getting the drop on a terrorist from a distance, unseen and undetected, putting your sights on his ear, controlling your heartbeat, and then pressing that trigger without a moment’s hesitation.

Gabe’s WarriorTalk Website:

Link to Mumbai Article at Buckeye News:

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