Ohio Food Raid Update- Stowers Family Food CO-OP


Injunctive Relief from the Police Raid on the Stowers Family Food CO-Op is now in the competent hands of the Buckeye Institute.

For a well produced overview of the entire situation via podcast click on this link:


A descriptive excerpt:

Buckeye Institute President David Hansen and 1851 Center for Constitutional Law Director Maurice Thompson discuss Stowers v. Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). This week the Buckeye Institute took legal action against ODA for an unlawful raid on the Stowers’ home and co-op, and subsequent seizure of their personal property. The institute believes ODA violated the Stowers’ constitutional rights. Listen to Hansen and Thompson explain the issue on BuckeyeVoices.

People interested in a wide variety of Government Related Policy Questions might do well to study some of the other papers and issues covered by Buckeye Institute.

Link here:


If you wish to examine a really well crafted legal brief be sure to download the PDF file of the petition filed on behalf of the Stowers at the Buckeye Institute Homepage.

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