Great Jumping Jehosaphat! Rush Limbaugh Agrees With ME!

Okay, I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh all 15 hours a week, in fact, twenty minutes a day is more than I can manage most days so maybe Rush pounds this topic on a regular basis and I just never heard it.

But sometime in the last week he touched on a subject frequently discussed in my neck of the woods, to wit: most people do not seem to realize they do NOT OWN their home.

They only have the right to live there for as long as they send a monthly payment for up to thirty years.

Thank you Rush! For some reason, if it comes from radio the observation has more validity than when I humbly bring up the topic in my small circle. Very nice. Very Good.

In fact, even if you do own your home you will be surrounded by people angry when they discover they do not own theirs.

Here’s the problem. In his own special half baked, half bassackwards, half-brain-tied-behind-his-back-just to-be-fair, Rush failed to drop the other shoe. (Again, maybe this is a common topic for him beyond the range of my ears most of the time.)

What is the other shoe? You do not OWN your money until the Government says you do, you do not even OWN your life until the Government or even A Government says you do.

Correct. Your Government, or ANY Government or non-Government Entity can and will seize your wealth, your life, your property should they so choose.

Thats right. THEY, the kakistocrats, will take your 401(K), your safe deposit box, your car, your crops or anything else that is glued down, nailed in place and painted over if it suits their purpose.

This is not some idle intellectual concept associated with collateral damage from some war or rumor of war.

Ask the people who had a safe deposit box at or near the Twin Towers what happened to their stuff.

Even better ask the women and children who had a year’s supply of food seized by armed Government Agents just two weeks ago in LaGrange, Ohio.

Or the hundreds of injured people in Mumbai, India.

Or listen to the unheard prayer of some small child as he or she was stabbed to death by a pitchfork wielding maniac because some Government Kakistocrat decided they were too incapable to have access to a firearm.

For the life of me, I can not understand why more people are unable to grasp the simple concept of boots-on-the-ground, immediate, self reliant, do-it-yourself self defense.

Perhaps it helps to explain the current state of dissonance most people exhibit when they realize George W., the Vote Freedom First President, is busy nationalizing all his crony capitalist’s companies with the wealth and work stockpiled in the United States National Treasury.

Enter the 2nd Amendment for the express purpose of relief in the dire circumstance of sovereignty over your life and the life of your loved ones in times exactly like this.

The 2nd Amendment says, very simply, the price Kakistocrats pay to seize your assets will exceed the value retained after said seizure. In other words, Mr/Mrs/Ms. Kakistocrat all the seized gold in the world will be worthless if you are too dead or crippled to enjoy it.

So Rush, if you want to really impress me talk about this.

You talk about cigars, you talk about golf, you talk about baseball, you talk about the Steelers, may be it is time for you to talk about the rifle scope you just zeroed, or your scores at a celebrity IDPA match. Maybe you could spend time to revel in the glorious vacation you spent on “North To Alaska” with Larry Csonka.

I remember the last time you discussed duck hunting way back in 1991(?). That did not go so well because you tried to ridicule duck’s intelligence and thus undermined the listeners in your audience who understood duck hunting.

But, gosh, it has been-what? 15-17 years? Surely in the interiem you have educated yourself more thoroughly and developed a deeper interest in the All American activity of hunting and shooting and 2nd Amendment Self Defense.

So how about it Mr. Limbaugh? A little airtime for the 2nd Amendment in the concrete (rather than the abstract) in these times of tumult and economic uproar?



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