Michael Bane’s Cannon Safe Commits Seppuku

Clear the aisle, I will pile on this tale with everybody else.

Long ago and far away in the midst of a heated discussion I was emphatically told: “Just because it turned out the way you said it would does not mean you are right”.

Well, in the case of electronic keypads on gun safes it appears I am 100 Percent and TOTALLY correct because it turned out EXACTLY the way I said would AND in a high profile, high visibility way! Yes!

I NEVER thought an electronic BATTERY OPERATED device on something as critical as a gunsafe was anything close to a good idea and I have said so frequently, only to be branded a naysayer and gloom-meister.

Heck, I never thought it a good idea to put all your eggs (weapons) into one basket (gunsafe). If you need to bugout in a hurry the last thing you want to do is waste precious time horsing around with a finicky gunsafe lock.

So forgive me a hearty BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! when word of Mr. Bane’s travails with his Cannon Electronic Keypad Safe reached my neck of the woods. Really,BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Excerpt of the gory BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! details:

Michael Bane said…

I’ve had and recommended Cannon Safes for the better part of a decade…I CAN NO LONGER DO SO!

In fact, I feel pretty foolish about this, since Cannon has always had a reputation as “good guys.”

It took multiple phone calls and emails to reach someone at Cannon — okay, it’s the holiday season, so some slack is due there. When I finally reach someone, I explain that I’d be happy to pay whatever was necessary to get this repaired, plus extra shipping, as not only my guns but year-end financials, business papers, etc., were in the safe……………………………………

So I’m going to get my safe drilled open, then at SHOT arrange to purchase a real safe from somebody like Ft. Knox. I’ll use the drilled Cannon for what it’s apparently designed for…storing power tools in the garage.

Believe me, I’m busy enough that I can do without all this crap, but the bottom line is that, hey, I can’t get to my guns, my financial records, my important business papers, etc. T&E projects that I had scheduled for earlier this week did not get done; unless I can resolder the circuit board today, they won’t get done until after SHOT. In short, I have incurred a real loss of work product.

And I will NOT ever own another electronic lock!!!!!

Link to Part I:

Link to Part II:



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