Colin Powell Predicts Trouble In 2009

Okay, I will bite, what does he know he will not share with us?



2 responses to “Colin Powell Predicts Trouble In 2009

  1. The person who posted the clip deliberately left out any context in order to sensationalize things. Here’s the transcript of the interview, from October 19th, 2008:

    Here’s the full question and answer:

    “MR. BROKAW: If you were called into the Oval Office on January 21st by the new president, whoever it happens to be, and he said to you, “General Powell, I need from you your recommendation on where I begin. What should be my priorities?” Where would you start?”

    “GEN. POWELL: I would start with talking to the American people and talking to the world, and conveying a new image of American leadership, a new image of America’s role in the world.

    “The problems will always be there, and there’s going to be a crisis come along in the 21st or 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now. And so I think what the president has to do is to start using the power of the Oval Office and the power of his personality to convince the American people and to convince the world that America is solid, America is going to move forward, and we’re going to fix our economic problems, we’re going to meet our overseas obligations. But restoring a sense of purpose, a sense of confidence in the American people and, in the international community, in America.”

    Translated: “Whatever crisis the president faces when he takes office on the 21st or 22nd of January (which day is it? I forget) is one we don’t have today.”

  2. There are a least half a dozen variations of this video on Youtube all of which concur Powell made what is tantamount to a Freudian Slip.

    It is not as though the Muddlestream Media has set any sort of high standard for quoting people in or out of context.

    In fact, the Powell quote stands alone far better than most of the ABC/NBC/CBS/NYTimes/LATimes/AP/UPS/Reuters/CNN/MSNBC propaganda blasted at the public on a routine basis.

    CNN is up to it’s pixels right now over some faux Palestinian footage and NBC still has not lived down their reputation for blowing up pickup trucks to make a point.

    He made his remark the same day Joe Biden also discussed the probability of a “generated crisis” in the first six months of an ObamaNation Presidency.

    Thanks for your commentary.

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