Remember The TSA Holster Snafu? The Investigation Is Finished!

Remember the TSA Holster Snafu? (Link here:

It appears an investigation validates every complaint made over past few years. Go figure!

Tantalizing Excerpt:

SOURCE:Flight International
DHS watchdog confirms holster problems for armed pilots
By John Croft

Concerns voiced by federal flightdeck officers over poorly designed holsters for their hand guns have been validated in a recently issued report by the Department of Homeland Security’s office of inspector general (OIG).

“We examined the holster and observed that its design renders the weapon vulnerable to accidental discharges if improperly handled,” says the OIG. “In a darkened cockpit, under the stress of meeting the operational needs of the aircraft, a pilot could inadvertently discharge the weapon by failing to ensure it is properly seated in the holster, securing the trigger lock, and then pushing the weapon inward to secure the holster snap.”

Investigators also found that it was possible to fire the gun while inserting the hasp, or trigger lock, into an “incorrectly seated” weapon. “Using a scale, we determined that only 6-7lb [2.7-3.2kg] of lateral pressure on the padlock was sufficient to induce a discharge,” the report says.

Complete Link:

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