This Day In History: January 11

David Codrea is away on assignment so I cheerfully fill in with today’s history lesson:

The Battle of Beverly, W. Virginia January 11,1865

Excerpt #1:

We reached the foot of the mountain after dark, where was the first house we had seen since leaving the top. This day was Sunday, I think. After the thunderstorm, a fierce, bitter north wind arose and sent the temperature rapidly down towards zero. Our direction was north, right in the face of the wind. I thought I would perish from the cold, but my cousin and I, by taking turns in dismounting and running along to keep up with our command, each in his turn leading the others horse, managed to keep from being frost-bitten.

After leaving the top of the Alleghenies that Sabbath day, we did not stop for any thing until about midnight, when we reached a place owned by a family named Earle, a short distance south of Beverly.

As well as I could tell, in the night, we were following the foothills of the mountain on the east side of Tygart’s Valley, travelling north toward Beverly.


Excerpt #2:

The final raid occurred on January 11, 1865. General Thomas Rosser led this raid with 300 rebels. He successfully surprised the Union before dawn and captured 580 men and all of the garrison’s supplies, Four hundred Union soldiers escaped to Philippi. General Rosser burned the Beverly bridge and marched his prisoners back to Virginia through deep snow.



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