Liberty Sphere Martial Law Alert

Our friends over at Liberty Sphere have been listening to a talk show hosted by Steve Quayle about Martial Law and Gun Confiscation.

The centerpiece of the discussion is former State Trooper Greg Evensen’s take on Police and Military Control of the Populace when the trouble starts.

Lots of good food for thought, but,as always, salt and pepper to your individual taste before consumption.


If you cannot get MP3 Audio to work but can boot up Youtube with no problem the same program is broken up into 10 minute segments here:

If you are interested in the topic here is the Youtube Video from one week before:

3 responses to “Liberty Sphere Martial Law Alert

  1. The link above goes to the interview with Evensen. This YouTube is not the interview with Greg Evensen. This is the broadcast the week before on January 5th where Quayle reads the article by Evensen. The interview (link above) with Greg Evensen is on the January 12, 2009 broadcast.

  2. Many thanks. Duly edited as suggested.

    In Liberty,

    >The interview (link above) with Greg Evensen is on >the January 12, 2009 broadcast.

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