Kid Dyno-mite Evicted From Best Western For Pointing “Finger Gun”

Update #3 09/10/10 I am going to “sticky” post this old item to the top of the blog for a few days because in the comments section a couple of (alleged) Best Western employees contest JJ Walker’s account of his experience in the finger gun incident. We here at the JJH RKBA Blog want everyone to get a fair hearing.

Update #2 09/09/10 Wow! The video has returned. Who knew? Enjoy!

Update: The video is gone for now. Maybe someday it will reappear.

When liberals collide.

Comedian Jimmie Walker engages in some light banter with the hotel clerk at a Seattle Best Western and gets bounced from his room for brandishing.

You can not make this stuff up. He is lucky they did not call the cops.


Tantalizing Excerpt from the CBS Website:

He kept expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say, “You’ve been Punk’d!” Jimmie explains it was all a joke. The GM wasn’t buying it. “We are funny here. We know funny, but we had to make a decision on the finger gun. We are going to have to ask you to leave.”
And so, Jimmie left the Best Western. Hopefully he kept his hands in his pockets on the way out.

CBS Link:


12 responses to “Kid Dyno-mite Evicted From Best Western For Pointing “Finger Gun”

  1. I’m surprised that somewhere across town, six guys holding imaginary rifles didn’t line up behind some guy who pretended to drive a SWAT van making the wwwWWWEEEEeeeEEEEeeeeEEEEEeee sound for the siren while a negotiator with an imaginary bull horn pretended to drive to the scene where the Best Western staff cowered behind the counter fearful that one stray imaginary bullet from the imaginary gun might end their miserable lives. I can just see the swat team trying to rapel on imaginery ropes while a guy in an imaginary helicopter goes past the front door making the wokkata-wokkata sound of his imaginary rotors. Police on imaginary motorbikes will keep the crowd at bay as an imaginary flashbang grenade is tossed in to pretend blind JJ so they can take him down at imaginary gunpoint. If anyone was hurt JJ might have got the imaginary death penalty.

    Some technical questions for the imaginary trial:

    What calibre was the imaginary weapon?

    If the weapon was imaginary, does that make it concealed, even if its in plain sight?

    Where is the imaginary license for the imaginary firearm?

    IF that sounds utterly ridiculous to you, go back to the story about how he threatened staff with an imaginary finger gun, and then tell me which tale is more ridiculous, my imaginary scenario or the one that actually unfolded.

    This is why Americans live in a country where you can sue for hot coffee being… hot.

    Where cars have safety stickers in the trunks showing how to get out in case of car jacking…

    …and people that work at the Best Western…

    This is the sort of shit that all the other nations of the earth are referring to when they try to explain that there’s something wrong with Americans.

    Best Western… golf clap… you mental giants have truly outdone yourselves.

  2. >>I’m surprised that somewhere across town, six guys >>holding imaginary rifles didn’t line up behind some

    You know, he IS a comedian and you have certainly provided a great start on the possibilities here.

    Send him your ideas, it may develop into a great routine!

    In Liberty,

  3. just because he had the access to national media to tell his “story” does not mean that what he said was true.

    yes, he was kicked out of the hotel. not because he had a “fake gun”, but because he kept reaching across the desk and touching the desk agent’s forehead with his pointer finger…repeatedly. he thought he was being funny, but he was not. the agent was a young girl; who not only had no idea who he was, but also felt very intimidated by this guest that wouldnt stop touching her. very inappropriate.

    just because he is a “celebrity” (and i use that term loosely), doesnt give him permission to act in a manner that would not be accepted of anyone in the general public.

    • Well, with all due respect, your allegations are just as unsubstantiated as JJ Walker’s.

      His are funnier.

      If you can point to a link from a local news source which includes your point of view I will post it.

      In Liberty,

  4. Why would it be on the news? A hotel has rules about not going to the news about things like that as the hotel would like to give the guest privacy. Also no one cares about JJwalker at least not for the past 10 years or more. A man comes into a hotel and touches an employee that is wrong, i know the girl that it happened to and yes she was touched by him, moved her hair away to read her name tag and what not. Ask yourself this you are from another country and work at a hotel, a creepy looking man like JJ touchs you over and over you would probably tell a manager. Also she did not know he was famous as he really isnt anymore.

    • Well, so far we continue to have unsubstantiated allegations from third party sources.

      I saw the original Letterman Broadcast and JJ told a compelling anecdote.

      As far as famous goes, Good Times (the television series in which he starred) continues to be broadcast in syndication just about everywhere.

      Love him or hate him he is still around.

      In Liberty,

      • It is not a 3rd party when I personally work at the hotel in question and was there that day. Do you really think someone would get kicked out for making a “finger gun” If JJ Walker got kicked out cause of that he would have SUED. He was being flirty and touching the employee and she felt uncomfortable, the manager asked him to appoligize or leave and he didnt. he is creepy end of story

        So you personally witnessed this incident?
        You intervened the moment it occurred and told Mr. Walker to mind his manners or he would not be checked into his room?
        You have security camera video of the incident?
        If you wish to make allegations they need to be pretty foursquare and straightforward.
        Walker’s allegations are a matter of record.
        Yours remain hearsay.
        Are YOU violating hotel rules by going public with your story???
        So far this blog is the only venue I know where your allegations are even publicly discussed.
        What can I tell you? Fish or cut bait.

        In Liberty,

    • Because when you or the offended lady or the corporation take him to civil or criminal court his account on National TV will be challenged by the irrefutable evidence presented to the contrary through A. Hotel Security Camera Video. B. Internal Hotel Memos of the incident. C. Eyewitness testimony.

      And you will exact your long overdue revenge!

      What do you want here? The video is on YouTube. This little blog contributed about 100 hits to the total of 5,000+.

      Get organized and get busy. It is two years after the fact.

      There was some kind of confrontation. The hotel management offered Walker a choice- either apologize or leave. Walker left. Everyone was more or less happy about the situation until repercussions occurred when he named names on National TV.

      I posted your comments at the top of the blog. Nobody read it.

      Last chance. Fish or cut bait. Really. I can do no more.

      In Liberty,

  5. I never said i wanted anything, i think the whole thing is funny as shit. I just think its stupid if people take it for face value. Any mature adult would know it was bs, i mean its just part of his comedy act, you can tell this by his last comment about going over to the motel 6 which seattle does not have, the nearest motel 6 is over 30 miles away. It is just sad when a person who is being creepy and touching young women at a business get put in the spot light for saying it was all over a “finger gun” but hey belive what you like, im sure you belive everything you see on youtube.

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