New York Fairy Tale From Fat White Man.Com

Really, this is great satire. And …….it has the added advantage of the truth.

Go there now!

Tantalizing Excerpt:

All was not lost, however. Gillibrand used her last remaining energy and called forth for goodness to defeat the evil coven. There was a peal of thunder that sounded strangely like the roar of a .50 BMG. Then the clouds parted and the arch angel Sarah Palin descended in a shining white helicopter. In one hand she held an AR-15 and in the other she grasped the leash to a snarling wolf. “Unhand that brave woman” Palin commanded.

“You are no match for the gaggle of numbnuts” the coven replied in unison. However strong they felt, however, they had failed to add their greatest voice to the gaggle. The mouth of Hillary was, uh, busy in Washington and had failed to answer the call of the coven. That one missing link to their power would now prove to be their undoing.

The angel Sarah Palin then turned loose the leash and Ted Nugent tore into the gaggle, ripping them to shreds. When it was over, the sun began to shine. With the stench of the gaggle gone, the Libtard Coven had lost part of its power.


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