Liberty Sphere Martial Law Alert

Our friends over at Liberty Sphere have been listening to a talk show hosted by Steve Quayle about Martial Law and Gun Confiscation.

The centerpiece of the discussion is former State Trooper Greg Evensen’s take on Police and Military Control of the Populace when the trouble starts.

Lots of good food for thought, but,as always, salt and pepper to your individual taste before consumption.


If you cannot get MP3 Audio to work but can boot up Youtube with no problem the same program is broken up into 10 minute segments here:

If you are interested in the topic here is the Youtube Video from one week before:

When Will The Circle Of Stupidity Stop?

Wow! Look at the calendar! We have not heard from Drinking With Bob for weeks! Bob still seems unhappy with the state of the economy and government intervention. Go figure.

This Day In History: January 11

David Codrea is away on assignment so I cheerfully fill in with today’s history lesson:

The Battle of Beverly, W. Virginia January 11,1865

Excerpt #1:

We reached the foot of the mountain after dark, where was the first house we had seen since leaving the top. This day was Sunday, I think. After the thunderstorm, a fierce, bitter north wind arose and sent the temperature rapidly down towards zero. Our direction was north, right in the face of the wind. I thought I would perish from the cold, but my cousin and I, by taking turns in dismounting and running along to keep up with our command, each in his turn leading the others horse, managed to keep from being frost-bitten.

After leaving the top of the Alleghenies that Sabbath day, we did not stop for any thing until about midnight, when we reached a place owned by a family named Earle, a short distance south of Beverly.

As well as I could tell, in the night, we were following the foothills of the mountain on the east side of Tygart’s Valley, travelling north toward Beverly.


Excerpt #2:

The final raid occurred on January 11, 1865. General Thomas Rosser led this raid with 300 rebels. He successfully surprised the Union before dawn and captured 580 men and all of the garrison’s supplies, Four hundred Union soldiers escaped to Philippi. General Rosser burned the Beverly bridge and marched his prisoners back to Virginia through deep snow.


Wisconsin Open Carry Battle! DNR Wants To Seize Your Gun!

Here we have a breath taking power grab only a modern government official can produce.

Update January 14,2009:

Apparently the DNR has forgotten about this little fandango from 2004.

Every one of the people killed had disarmed themselves because they obeyed Hunter Safety “Best Practices” and thought a stroll in the woods, even a heated argument, would not ever end in “shots fired”.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

DNR to hunters: Hand over your guns on demand
Ex-hunter ed instructor says directive unconstitutional
Richard Moore
Investigative Reporter

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a simple, blunt message for hunters in Wisconsin: When a DNR warden asks you to give up your legal firearm, do so, plain and simple, no matter what.

What’s more, that goes for all citizens, the agency has asserted. Citizens with firearms, the DNR argues, should always do exactly what law enforcement officers tell them to do, regardless of the circumstances of the situation.

To which one former hunter education instructor for the department has an equally simple and blunt response: The agency’s directive is unconstitutional, plain and simple, and citizens don’t have to hand over their firearms without any probable cause.

The first thing he teaches is, he said, when a person is on private property and a warden stops and asks to see a license, the first thing to do is ask the warden for his credentials. The second thing, Palan said, is to boot the warden off the property because he’s trespassing.

“And when they start throwing their weight around, you just reach in your pocket and dial 911 and have the police come out and have them removed,” he said.

Just as important, along with an ongoing non-DNR case in West Allis, the agency’s expression of support for the ability of police to take away legal firearms upon simple command has in effect opened the door for a de facto state policy for all law enforcement.

The question is, is it constitutional, or, as Palan contends, does the DNR’s position characterize an unconstitutional breach of a citizen’s Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure?

Simply asked, can law enforcement take a person’s legally carried firearm without any probable cause that a crime is being committed? Must a hunter in the field surrender his firearm just because a conservation warden tells him to?

Complete Article Link:

Remember The TSA Holster Snafu? The Investigation Is Finished!

Remember the TSA Holster Snafu? (Link here:

It appears an investigation validates every complaint made over past few years. Go figure!

Tantalizing Excerpt:

SOURCE:Flight International
DHS watchdog confirms holster problems for armed pilots
By John Croft

Concerns voiced by federal flightdeck officers over poorly designed holsters for their hand guns have been validated in a recently issued report by the Department of Homeland Security’s office of inspector general (OIG).

“We examined the holster and observed that its design renders the weapon vulnerable to accidental discharges if improperly handled,” says the OIG. “In a darkened cockpit, under the stress of meeting the operational needs of the aircraft, a pilot could inadvertently discharge the weapon by failing to ensure it is properly seated in the holster, securing the trigger lock, and then pushing the weapon inward to secure the holster snap.”

Investigators also found that it was possible to fire the gun while inserting the hasp, or trigger lock, into an “incorrectly seated” weapon. “Using a scale, we determined that only 6-7lb [2.7-3.2kg] of lateral pressure on the padlock was sufficient to induce a discharge,” the report says.

Complete Link:

The Obama Nation Commercial Censored From Your Television

More discussion about the Fraudulent Illegal Alien, Affirmative Action President Elect.

Tantalizing Description:

Currently, there are 16 cases in 12 states (with 2 before the Supreme Court) contending that Barack Obama is constitutionally ineligible to be sworn in as President of the United States. This video outlines the challenges to his presidency and sheds light on his international upbringing.

Complete Link to video:

Link to WND Article:

Link to Obama Forgery Website:

Every Breath Bernanke Takes (Not Loved From Day 1)

While hindsight maybe 20/20, apparently Ben Bernake was not loved from Day 1, before the Vote Freedom First President George W.Bush made him head of the Fed. Great work on your legacy there, W.

Tantalizing Description:
Columbia Business School Spring 2006 Follies spoof on The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” featuring imitation Dean Glenn Hubbard and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke

Complete Link:

Obama’s Birth Certificate: Forged Images, Phony Photos, Felony Fraud

Fairly dense technical stuff about the Obama Birth Certificate, summarized in the video and explained in the text file link.

Tantalizing Excerpt:
Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy: Ron Polarik, PhD

Polarik’s final report: Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy

Forged images, phony photos, and felony fraud

Video Link:

Free Republic Explanatory Text Link:

My Question To The RNC Chaircritter Debate


Goaded by David Codrea into action, I dutifully posted my question to any potential RNC Chaircritter and was immediately slapped with a Minus 1 vote. I see I currently have a Plus 1 vote. Does that mean I have received 3 votes (-1+1+1) to Codrea’s 4 Plus Vote Total?

Tantalizing Excerpt:
Will you go here, right now, and submit your own question? Because we’re out of time–the debate is tomorrow.
Link to Codrea’s entire harangue: