This Day In History February 1, 1864


David Codrea is again under the weather so I step briefly once again into his shoes and cheerfully present this day in history:

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The Battle Of Batchelor’s Creek:

The navy’s spectacular attack, however, was more successful and proved that Union control in eastern North Carolina, even relatively late during the war, could still be challenged seriously.

In conjunction with the ground assault, Wood gathered a force of thirty-three officers and 220 enlisted men, including Confederate marines at Kinston. The naval expedition carried out its mission in twelve boats and two large launches, each armed with a 12-pounder howitzer. Men from the James River Squadron (including a number of hand-picked midshipmen from the Confederate Naval Academy), Wilmington Station, Charleston Station, and Savannah Squadron were detailed for the expedition.

Because some troops and equipment arrived late, the party descended the Neuse River in two groups and eventually regrouped at Bachelor’s Creek, where one unit had already encamped after a long night of rowing. Late in the evening of February 1, Wood, Executive Officer Benjamin Loyall, and an experienced crew reconnoitered the target, the USS Underwriter, and planned to attack the next night between midnight and 4 a.m.

Link To Narrative:


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